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a5 NodeJS implementation of the A5 JavaScript development framework

ae-github A higher-level wrapper around the Github API.

agro-jsonrpc-client The common (private) JSON-RPC client for Agrosica.

avoscloud-sdk AVOSCloud JavaScript SDK.

backbone-serverside Backbone replacements and DOM adapters for running it within node.js

backbone-serverside-adapters Backbone replacements and DOM adapters for running it within node.js

bitcoin-exchange-rates Convert any Bitcoin amount to your preferred currency.

bk-readability bokan's readability.what is the tools only i used.

blossom Modern, Cross-Platform Application Framework

bucky Collect performance data from the client and node

clima-tempo Communication with Clima Tempo accessing information about the weather of Brazil.

cloudcms Cloud CMS Module

commonsense Commonsense client API

dominode DOM in Node.js

drive.js js test driving with style

drupal-client Javascript Drupal Services Client Client for the realtime Engine [![Build Status](](

ethersync Push any file to an etherpad and edit it collaborativly. Changes in the pad get refelected in the file instantly.

flashproxy Standalone flash proxy. A flash proxy is a lightweight proxy providing access to the Tor network.

flow5 framework and toolset for developing mobile apps and webapps

fxa-js-client Web client that talks to the Firefox Accounts API server

geoservices Javascript Bindings for Geoservices

geotrigger-js Small client for interacting with the ArcGIS Geotrigger Service.

gitana Cloud CMS Gitana Driver for Node JS

github-api A higher-level wrapper around the Github API.

github-issues-export Export GithHub issues to a CSV file

globi-data Find out who eats who in the world: what do rats (Rattus rattus) eat?, or what do hardhead catfish (Ariopsis felis) eat?. Data provided by EOL's GloBI (Global Biotic Interactions) .

groupdocs-javascript Javascipt client for GroupDocs API

html-rfc Format IETF RFCs and Internet-Drafts as HTML

import-io Lightweight client for accessing

insight-bitcore-api An open-source bitcoin blockchain API. The Insight API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to query and broadcast data on the bitcoin network and build your own services with it.

jassa JAvascript Suite for Sparql Access

jive-sdk Node.js framework for building purposeful places

jq Server-side jQuery wrapper for node.

jquery-latest jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS)

jquery-loader jQuery loader for node.js

jquery-node-browserify jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS and Browserify)

jquery-with-migrate Latest jQuery (currently 2.0.0b2) with jQuery-Migrate plugin wrapped for Node.js and a browser (window globals, Browserify or AMD)

jsdom A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM

jsdom-nogyp A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM, forked from jsdom, remove dependencies to contextify and node-gyp

jsonix Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows converting between XML and JSON structures.

justtest Unit tests with JSDOM wrapper.

jute Javascript Unit Test Environment

karmacracy-javascript-api A Javascript wrapper for Karmacracy API.

kws-content-api Kurento Content Management API for Web SDK

layer-control JavaScript layers controller. Manage layers.

mercado-bitcoin Client for MercadoBitcoin API

minnow An auto-syncing, in-memory-canonical relational database

mixpanel-data-export A wrapper for Mixpanel's data export API. Simply instantiate the class with your API secret and key and then make calls to api methods and get json back.

moysklad-client JavaScript клиент для комфортной работы с API сервиса МойСклад.

ncombo Cloud application framework

node-hosts A handy tool to manager your hosts.

node-jquery jQuery support for node.js, it's awesome

node-jquery-xhr set up jQuery and DOM tree on node

node-sage An HTTP service architecture for scientific data

nombo Cloud application framework

nq jQuery (also) for node

parse The Parse JavaScript SDK

processing Processing.js for Node.js

qbdeferred Asynchronous Quickbase API with jQuery's Deferreds

raml-parser A RAML parser based on PyYAML written in CoffeScript and available for use as NodeJs module or in-browser.

rAppid.js rAppid.js is a declarative JavaScript web application for rapid web application development. It uses XML to define the structure of applications, modules, components and views and JavaScript for the business logic of the application. The XML (xaml) gets translated to javascript components during runtime which will render itself as HTML5 DOM elements. This enables a rapid development of applications.

rAppid.js-server rAppid.js-server is a rAppid.js rendering web server

rdflib an rdf parser for node.js

receiptverifier Verify Open Web App Receipts This is a extended for node, that works with sailjs. It adds the handshake functionality and implements the GET POST PUT DELETE functions from sails

scenic2 UI for interaction design with switcher

send-http-request Function that sends a HTTP request, returning promise.

serviceworker Prototype implementation and polyfill for the ServiceWorker spec. Socket.IO client for the browser (pakmanager) and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js, this is just a snapshot of the repo so we can get it into NPM to make wss work, once the main one is realease this will be depriciated

socketcluster-client Client side of SocketCluster

socketer utility to test node.js express applications

songlocator-base SongLocator base module

stackmob-client Implementation of the Stackmob JS SDK for NodeJS

stackmob-nodejs Stackmob JS SDK for NodeJS

steal-tools Development tools for Steal applications.

substance-converter Takes the Pandoc JSON format and turns it into the Substance Article.

twikifier A node.js based wikifier for TiddlyWiki text.

uluru-js-sdk ERROR: No file found!

uluru-sdk ERROR: No file found!

vcr VCR: Record ajax request to later playback

webfinger.js a simple webfinger record lookup library

webpipe Harness the power of WebPipes in browser and server environments, as well as the command-line.

work-already Tools to create web tests for Express and Socket.IO applications with session integration.

xmlhttprequest-cookie Cookie-aware XMLHttpRequest Wrapper

xmlhttprequest.jsx xmlhttprequest module for JSX

yoctolib node.js module for the Yoctopuce library for Javascript

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