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backlog-api Backlog API wrapper for Node.js

bitmessage-node Node wrapper for bitmessage client api

gandi Wrapper for API

glances Glances client for Node.js

infusionsoft InfusionSoft node.js SDK

infusionsoft-api Javscript wrapper for the Infusionsoft API

inwx INWX XML-RPC API Client

ipboard A client library for making XML-RPC requests to Invision Power Board

konzilo_webservice Run instances of the konzilo web service

kwc-wordpress A client for working with WordPress. (DEV FORK DO NOT USE)

livejournal LiveJournal XMLRPC

loopia-api A wrapper for

magento Magento SOAP API wrapper for Node.js

magentojs A Magento's connector for Node.js applications Credits to <a href=''>Alan Kay</a>

mobwrite node port of google-mobwrite

node-gandi Node.js client for XML-RPC API, written in CoffeeScript

node-omv A package to connect to OpenMetaverse like SecondLife

openerp The Node.js client library for OpenERP

openobject OpenObject client.

opensubtitles API to interact with opensubtitles services

pypi PyPI Client for Node.js =======================

returnpathmm A module to interact with ReturnPath's mailbox monitor api

rfremoteserver Robot Framework remote server written in Node.js

robotremote A remote keyword server and client for the generic test automation suite Robot Framework.

robotremoteserver A remote keyword server for the generic test automation Robot Framework.

rosnodejs A JavaScript client library for ROS.

rtorrent rTorrent XML-RPC cleint

sauto-api Node.js promise based wrapper over Sauto XML-RPC API.

set-gravatar Change Gravatar profile image from Nodejs

supervisord Supervisord library for node.js

webfaction-api Node.js wrapper for Webfaction XML-RPC API

worddump Dump data from WordPress.

wordpress A client for working with WordPress.

wporg A node WordPress(.org) client.

xmlrpc-multicall Implements system.multicall RFC: for [baalexander's xmlrpc module](

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