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amqp-sqs AMQP facade for SQS

assetflow Asset deployment for node

bild Yet another build/task runner. This one is based on YAML. I like the declarative nature of grunt, but it seems a bit heavyweight to install, and the way things work is more complicated than I need. This is simpler and needs less boilerplate.

blog-base An extremely lightweight blogging backend for node.

blogmate Smart blog engine for node.js.

boxer A Static Website Publishing Tool

bucky-server Server to collect stats from the client

caboose Rails-ish MVC Framework in Coffeescript

ccal cal for command line.

citizenmedianotary Citizen Media Notary server.

clouddb Cloud database.

co-juice-mailer CompoundJS extension for sending emails

codex Static site and code documentation generator.

configyour Simple directory and file based configuration using json and yaml

crazytrain network rail arrival & departure server using

draughtsman A development-oriented web server and proxy. Transparent compilation of templates, stylesheets and scripts for stackless HTML interface prototyping.

espy A context finder for static site generators and prototyping tools.

express-on-railway RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

flute Noise up your silent pipelines!

fusion Merge Files into Javascript Namespace

hackers A MUD server for a role-playing game in a futurist world

hector A static-site generator that works like an MVC framework (routes and data sources).

ingen An event driven, fully customizable, static site generator for node.

intervals Command line util for API

jasmine-dom Run your jasmine html SpecRunner in node.js.

jus-config Configuration handler, accepts multiple file formats, and overriding over multiple directories and filenames. Main usage: require('jus-config')(configNames, dirNames, callback).

kickq Kick jobs out the door. Quickly. A job queue for node

lowkick Simplifies running and verifying cross-browser tests on command-line.

magic-reload Automaticly reload borwser when you change files

massagist streaming data formats

nlog git-powered, minimalist blog engine for coders

notarise notarize.js - British spelling edition.

notarize Verified Citizen Media

nozzle Simple site generator

oahu OahuClient

proxydevserver Proxy dev server written in node

quartermaster quartermaster is a small library to create compressed binary packages for distribution

railway-mailer Railway extenstion for sending emails

railway-twitter Simple twitter auth app for railway

redux Setting up a basebones node app has never been so easy.

reference Generate documentation from JSON.

restler An HTTP client library for node.js

restless REST client library for node.js (based on restler but with callbacks)

rodan API binding for the HubSpot Rodan monitoring app

schablone Schablone =========

sensejs SenseJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

SenseJs SenseJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

smockron Distributed HTTP rate-limiting

sprobe Server monitoring tool.

statsd-ducksboard-backend A StatsD backend that sends metrics to Ducksboard

superposition Executing code in more than one env at a time.

tadu-mailer CompoundJS extension for sending emails

unhapi Wrapper for debugging and logging libraries used by Hubspot JS

yaml2json A commandline utility to convert YAML / YML to JSON

yamlmd Yaml annotated markdown. A subset of the nest django cms format.

yayassg Yet another yet another static site generator

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