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amino-deploy command-line tool to deploy an application across a cluster of drones

annotext A attribution engine for NodeJS

atma Atma.Toolkit

atma-io File / Directory Classes

atma-server Server Application

build-monitor Watch a continuous integration/build server and provide real-time feedback

component-test test components locally or with phantom

component-test2 test components locally or with phantom

conga MVC framework for node.js

conga-framework Core Bundle for the Conga.js framework

converter Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

csup Uploads (large) data via pipe to Google Drive

data-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

docpad DocPad is a next generation web architecture that lets you create fast static websites with dynamic abilities and powerful abstractions. Write your website as files on your computer, entries in a database, or even RSS feeds and DocPad will import it, generate & render it, then output a static website for deployment anywhere or a dynamic node website for advanced server-side functionality. Use it as a module or standalone. It's purely awesome. Check it out.

docpad-fsdb File system database.

docpad-plugin-data DocPad plugin for simple data files. Project is in incubating status.

docpad-plugin-minicms Add admin features to docpad

docpad-plugin-yamljs Adds support for YAML to JSON and JSON to YAML compilation to DocPad

dploy Command line tool to deploy websites using FTP/SFTP and git.

dxp DXP Web端

equiprose A static website and blog generator

feedr Feedr takes in a remote feed (regardless of format type) and converts it into JSON data

fql-workbench A FQL Workbench tool

generator-go-static Go-Static! is a static site generator that employs the tools developers already know and love. Yeoman to scaffold out your project and Grunt to generate the output.

ghexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

gitnpm npm wrapper for module published to git

gravy saucelabs

grunt-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

hc-common honeycomb common组件

hc-common-page honeycomb common page组件

hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

hexo-generator-optimize Optimize assets plugin for Hexo

honeycomb Plugins容器

http-resource An HTTP resource factory for NodeJS

jake-tools a collection of some useful functions for using Jake

js-coffee JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler

juju a wrapper for Juju, a service orchestration tool

kmdoc KMDoc is a software for an intelligent representation of knowledge.

lolspeak lolspeak translation

makdoc a static document generator

meteor-shower a configuration manager and deployment system for Meteor

middleware-loader loader拓展功能

mvchelper 简单mvc 核心,基于Express.

nojekyll Static site generator for node.js. Inspired by Jekyll.

options-stream load options with stream mode, option file can be json/ini/yaml/ion file

pattern-watcher A simple program to watch files and directories and react on changes

pom Simple node CLI Pomodoro timer

repl.js JS interactive repl with promise support & cli module requiring

runno Simple job runner for command line tasks with complex dependencies

runtime-configuration Runtime configuration loader

scraperrr Web crawler configured by JSON configurations defining what data fields to scrape from the visited websites using regular expressions or DOM selectors and how to export them as JSON

slumber Port of Python's slumber library -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

staticmatic Static site generator using Node.js, Handlebars templating, and Markdown.

stub-stub Quick and dirty API stubbing mechanism based on YAML files inside a sensible directory structure.

sup A Simple Node Static Server

tsunami-server distributed job processing for node.js - experimental beta

yamlconfig Nodejs 读取yaml配置小工具

yassg yet another static site generator

ycb-config Configuration manager for Yahoo configuration bundles

zuul simple browser testing

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