Packages depending on yeoman-generator

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generator-awebapp A Yeoman generator for webapps

generator-awesome Yeoman Generator for ...

generator-aws A Yeoman generator that provisions an AWS-powered backend for your HTML5 app

generator-axyz Yeoman Generator inspired by generator-webapp with flexibility in mind

generator-baboon Yeoman generator for creating Baboon MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, RedisIO, ExpressJS, AngularJS, SocketIO, and NodeJS

generator-backbone Yeoman generator for Backbone.js

generator-backbone-amd generator-backbone-amd ======================

generator-backbone-mocha A generator for Yeoman

generator-backbone-module A Yeoman generator for distributable Backbone.js modules.

generator-backstrap A Yeoman generator for kickass Backbone, Bootstrap, and CoffeeScript-powered apps

generator-bacn A generator for Yeoman

generator-baffled Bootstrap + Angular + Firebase + Flat-UI

generator-bakefrontend A yeoman generator scaffolds for creating website using jade and scss with this H5BP powers. include SMACSS Architecture and Modular Scale Ratio

generator-bane A generator for Yeoman

generator-barista Yeoman generator for Barista

generator-barry A generator for Yeoman. Generator that gives you ability to rapidly scaffold a front-end development app. With Jade and Stylus.

generator-baseline A Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a simple static site

generator-baseops A generator for creating an Vagrant and Ansible based local development enviornment.

generator-basic-app A generator for Yeoman - Basic App

generator-basics A generator for Yeoman to use with the Basics Backbone.js Boilerplate.

generator-bazalt Yeoman generator for Bazalt CMS

generator-bb A backbone generator for Yeoman

generator-bb-prototype-website Front end project boilerplate for Less based sites. Used at Building Blocks Ltd.

generator-bbapp A generator for Yeoman

generator-bbb Backbone Boilerplate Yeoman generator.

generator-bbe Yeoman generator for Backbone and Express

generator-bbmodule Yeoman generator for creating Backbone/Marionette App Modules & Components.

generator-bbproject Front end project boilerplate for Less based sites. Used at Building Blocks Ltd.

generator-bbr Yeoman generator for RequireJS based Backbone apps.

generator-bcapi A generator for Conduit Toolbar Apps using the BCAPI.js

generator-beard-seed Yeoman generator

generator-beautifulsop Yeoman generator to convert markdowns into PDFs

generator-bebop A Yeoman generator for Bebop

generator-bedrock Scaffolds out foundation 5, font-awesome and some opinionated folder structure.

generator-bee kissy project generator

generator-beefy A beefy generator for Yeoman

generator-beez A beez project generator for Yeoman

generator-beez-submodule A beez project submodule generator for Yeoman

generator-bem A BEM generator for Yeoman

generator-bem-stub A generator for Yeoman

generator-bespoke Yeoman generator for Bespoke.js

generator-bespokeplugin Yeoman generator for Bespoke.js plugins

generator-bestiario A generator for Backbone.js adapted from yeoman-generator

generator-bibliosoph Generate a bibliosoph base using Yeoman

generator-bitbucket A Bitbucket generator for Yeoman

generator-biz generator for BIZ

generator-blacksmith Yeoman generator for blacksmith

generator-blocss Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-blog A generator for Yeoman

generator-blog-test-1912 A generator for Yeoman

generator-blog-yofine A generator for Yeoman

generator-bluemix Coming soon... A generator for bluemix

generator-boagen A generator for Yeoman

generator-bob Generator for Bob-built node.js projects

generator-bogart A generator for Yeoman

generator-boilerplate Yeoman Generator for ...

generator-bones Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a basic web project.

generator-booang Latest Angular and Boostrap generator. Based on the MEAN stack generator for Yeoman. Angular 1.2.0-rc.2 and Bootstrap 3

generator-bookmarklet Yeoman Generator for bookmarklets

generator-boom An Angular.js generator for Yeoman

generator-boomerang GDG Boomerang generator for Yeoman

generator-bootgap Generates a PhoneGap App with jQuery 2 and Bootstrap 3 optimized for PhoneGap Build

generator-bootmap Example generator that creates a simple responsive app that does nothing, but has livereload and deploy to gh-pages setup.

generator-bootstrap Yeoman generator for Bootstrap

generator-bootstrap-edit-vars Yeoman generator: Bootstrap + Editable variables.less file

generator-bootstrap-less Yeoman generator for bootstrap less

generator-bootstrap3-less Yeoman generator fo twitter bootstrap3 less

generator-bosonic Yeoman generator

generator-bower A yeoman generator for bower components

generator-bower-amd A generator for Yeoman

generator-breakpoint A Yeoman generator for starting a project with Breakpoint

generator-brei-app A generator for BarkleyREI projects

generator-brewery A generator for The Brewery

generator-bro Generates browserify friendly angular applications

generator-browserify Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3

generator-browserify-seed Tiny browserify project seed

generator-browserifycordova A generator for Yeoman

generator-btapp BitTorrent btapp.js web app yeoman generator

generator-bubusy-web A generator for Yeoman

generator-buildpack Heroku buildpack

generator-buster generator-buster ================

generator-c5 A generator for Yeoman, generates concrete5 blocks, packages etc.

generator-c5block A generator for Yeoman, generates concrete5 blocks in packages

generator-cagspa A generator for Single Page Applications

generator-cakephp CakePHP Generator

generator-callum The Yeoman generator written and used by Callum Macrae (callumacrae) in front-end projects.

generator-campuskit A Yeoman generator for CampusKit

generator-can Yeoman generator for CanJS

generator-canjs CanJS generator for Yeoman

generator-canjs-plugin Yeoman generator for CanJS plugins

generator-capinnovation A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + HapiJS stack

generator-casper-yadda Yeoman generator to create interface tests with CasperJS and Yadda

generator-castrum A bloat free Sass responsive grid system and thats it!

generator-ccaine A Conrad Caine project scaffolding for front-end

generator-cfsg The frontend generator for Yeoman

generator-cg-angular Yeoman Generator for Enterprise Angular projects.

generator-cgk-angular Yeoman Generator for Enterprise Angular projects.

generator-chaos A generator using Yeoman for chaos

generator-chaplin Chaplin generator for Yeoman

generator-chaplin-alt Chaplin generator for Yeoman

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