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awesome awesome framework

ayla Ayla at your service.

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

blogmd 1. nodejs phantomjs的学习, 以及nodejs相关框架, wind.js,express, phantom-nodejs, jade, markdown ,mongoskin, zombie 2. 数据库中存储着n个shop的url地址,利用此项目,在页面中写js,然后程序会注入到每个页面中去执行 3. 该怎么利用这个平台呢,还没想好 4. 分支能展示出来吗

crawlme Makes your ajax web application indexable by search engines by generating html snapshots on the fly. Caches results for blazing fast responses and better page ranking.

devopsjs dev & ops with widgets using nodejs, smw, cucumber bdd, nrpe and solr

docparse-scraper-hes scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nge scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nst Node Zombie based scraper to scrape bills from the NStar (supplier code "NST)" website

express-html-snapshots Express HTML snapshots middleware

feral Express + Zombie caching content server.

get-translation Effective translation workflow

grunt-ajax-seo Grunt plugin that generates sstatic html snapshots of an ajax-based site by crawling

grunt-translate Translate dynamic texts

ichabod A test harness for writing client side js tests and automating test runs.

jellyfish A framework for launching environments and running JS

jsdifftool A Javascript to to see the DOM difference between a page with javascript and a page without javascript

kite Web browser automation

lovely The next-gen front-side development platform

mocha-ci-driver A driver for testing the same as browser and Node.js

nico-text A ridiculously awesome extension of the pico text editor

nooline A CMS focused on ease of use, scalability, and easy maintenance.

nst-process-bills Process html bills downloaded from the NStar website

onlinenet bot library

open.core Common utility functionality used between multiple applications.

otter run your client-side apps on the server

phnq_widgets Embedded JavaScript templating tool

pickles Pickles: a starting point for writing acceptance tests using Cucumber.js.

posterous-api-token Posterous removed the api-token endpoint from their API. This returns it.

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

relevant-text NodeJS Package to extract relevant text from html pages.

renderjs render.js(1) -- MEAN SEO Support ========================================================================

scpd-curl SCPD Videos

scriptprobe Analyse third-party JavaScripts for performance and security before adding them to your website.

setpass Change your password for popular services from your command line

spaseo Make your Single Page Web Application (SPA) readable by Search Engines (SEO). Only works with pushState.

term-ember Run Ember.js in your terminal!

tumblr-auto-auth Automatic oauth-authenticated tumblr client creation tool

wd-zombie wd headless implementation using zombie

webbotjs WebBotjs helps you to test your web sites

zombie-async Turns all of the Zombie.js methods into asynchronous callbacks for consistency when using the Async library.

zombie-passport-twitter Headless "Sign In with Twitter"

zombie2 ZombieJS 2 wrapper, for parallel install

zombiewalk Command line tool for unit testing under zombie.js

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