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aabb Axis-align bounding box

aabb-2d 2d axis aligned bounding boxes

allouis-vector2d 2D Vector library

binpacking binary tree based bin packing algorithm

boosh spawn a window and draw stuff using the html5 canvas api"

bowser-cli A command line interface to create bowser-engine based games with ease.

bowser-engine A WebGL game engine based on three.js.

bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs

circle2 2d circle implementation

collide-2d-tilemap 2d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

compare-slope Compares the slopes of a pair of 2D vectors

cryptocoin-qr-encode Encode a string into a QR code.

duckjs A small Javascript library for events, observable objects, and data binding.

euclid-js Bag of utility functions for 2d maths

euclidean-distance Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

extrude-edges Takes a 2D shape and generates the sides of an extruded mesh.

fast-noise Fast noise functions for Node.JS

g.js A JavaScript library for vector graphics.

generator-phaser-official Yeoman Generator for the Phaser Game framework. Includes state and prefab generators

gl-basic-tile-map Draws 2D tile maps using WebGL

graham-scan Implementation of Graham's Scan with a visualizer.

grid-2d small lib to get data out of a 2d grid

gridworld 2D gridworld representation and canvas renderer, intended for experimentation with various game algorithms.

htmlimage images, like in the browser, but in node

image-rotate Rotates a 2D ndarray

justmath JustMath.js: Two dimensional vector math including a rich toolset for vector operations.

kassics Lighting fast 2d graphics without canvas

line2 perform operations on infinite lines in 2 dimensions

matrix-paths Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

matrix-paths-zolmeister Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

ndarray-canvas Render an ndarray to a canvas

p2 A JavaScript 2D physics engine.

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

perspex 3D to 2D point projector

physics-vector2d physics vector2d lib

pixi Super fast 2D rendering engine for browserify, that uses WebGL with a context 2d fallback.

point-in-big-polygon Industrial strength point in polygon test

poly2tri A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library

polygon utility for working with polygons (arrays of vec2s)

polygon.clip clip a polygon with another

primo-rigidbody Rudimentary 2D physics component for PrimoJS

printarray prints javascript arrays with easy 1D, 2D and rebroadcast API

psykick2d Psykick 2D game engine

qr-encode Encode a string into a QR code.

quadtree2 JavaScript implementation of quadtree datastructure for collision detection.

quick-hull-2d Computes the convex hull of a given set of points using the Quick Hull algorithm.

ray Minimal Ray geometric primitive

rectangle-node An object representing a rectangle.

segment2 2d line segment

segseg.closest Compute the closest point between two line segments

shape Simple 2D shape generators

shutter Customizable game engine template for HTML5 MMO Game

simple-2d-shader A simple 2D shader

simple-table-refine Utility providing very simple 2D Array refinement, cleaning, and sanitization.

slab-decomposition Slab decomposition data structure for 2D vertical ray queries

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

split-polygon Splits a convex polygon by a plane

spritey Browserify friendly sprite loader compatible with BrowserQuest sprite format

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

straightcurve basic 2D geometry library

surfacecurve-gfx a client-side rendering engine

TeeChart Charting and graphing node.js module

vec2 manipulate vectors in 2d

vector2-node An object representing a 2D vector.

vector2d 2D Vector library offering Float32Array, Object or standard Array based vectors.

vector2d-lib A 2d JavaScript Vector library.

vectorwave interactive dhtml 2d multimedia vector animation studio creative suite professional edition trial version

vishull2d Visible regions for 2D poly-lines

x-math Math library inspired by Google Closure library

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