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aabb Axis-align bounding box

aabb-3d 3d axis aligned bounding boxes

annie A super tiny library for authoring cross-browser animations

arcball A simple library agnostic arcball camera.

ardrone-browser-3d 3D display of the AR.Drone in a browser.

babylonjs Babylon.js is a 3D engine based on webgl and javascript.

bowser-cli A command line interface to create bowser-engine based games with ease.

bowser-engine A WebGL game engine based on three.js.

box-frustum Checks if an axis aligned bounding box intersects a camera frustum.

bresenham3d Calculate all integer points along a relativly smooth line segment in 3d space.

bunny The Stanford bunny

bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs

cannon A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript. Perfect to use with three.js, for example.

collide-3d-tilemap 3d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

dot-obj A generic parser for the .obj 3D geometry format

draw-billboard Draws a billboarded sprite

dz provides 3D for D3

euclidean-distance Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

extract-frustum-planes Extracts the planes for a WebGL viewing frustum

extrude-edges Takes a 2D shape and generates the sides of an extruded mesh.

face-normals Given an array of triangles' vertices, return a `Float32Array` of their normal vectors.

fast-noise Fast noise functions for Node.JS

fxjs The tiny animation library - high performance, works with everthing from iOS to IE6, and dependency free. For applications where you need a lot of animation functionality without a lot of footprint.

game-shell-orbit-camera Attaches an orbit-camera to a game-shell with default key bindings

gl-shader WebGL shader wrapper

grunt-3d Grunt tasks for compressing 3D models

heightmap-mesher A naive heightmap mesher that takes a 2D ndarray and returns a 3D mesh

hextiles-prototype A standalone demo. Hexagonal tile server. Player character. No collisions. WASD controls.

illuminite Blinn-phong illumination model with support for multiple light types

interpret-gcode interprets gcode

matrix-3d Matrix 3D transformations (translate, rotate) with basic degree-radian conversions.

mesh-normals Given a list of vertices and faces, generate the normals for a triangle mesh.

meshdata Some common freely available triangulated meshes, collected from various places around the net

mjs 3D matrix and vector operations

n3d-gamecore 3D multiplayer core functionality game engine component.

ngraph.quadtreebh3d Quad Tree data structure for Barnes-Hut simulation in 3d space

ngraph.three 3D graph rendered powered by three.js

node-glfw A NodeJS wrapper around GLFW3 library

node-occ OpenCascade OCE Wrapper for Node js

node-step analyse and explore STEP (ISO 10303) file format with node

nodebb-plugin-sketchfab NodeBB Sketchfab Plugin

normals Estimates normals for meshes

omgobj OMG OBJ is an OBJ mesh reader in JavaScript. It was written for use in Plask (, but is applicable elsewhere.

parse-obj Parses .OBJ formatted meshes

parse-ply A streaming PLY parser

perspex 3D to 2D point projector

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

pusher.blender pusher.blender is a module for reading data from .blend Blender files

pusher.math pusher.math provides math functions for graphics code and general use

quasicrystals Quasicrystal pattern generator

ray Minimal Ray geometric primitive

rle-components Connected component labeling / extraction for narrowband level sets

rle-core Core tools for working with narrow band level sets in JavaScript

rle-morphology Mathematical morphology operations for narrow band level sets

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rle-sample Methods for sampling narrowband level sets

rle-voxeljs Narrowband level set to voxeljs conversion tool

shapeways node.js module for accessing the Shapeways Api

signed-distance Signed distance field computations

simple-3d-shader A simple 3d shader for webgl

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

spatial-trigger enter/exit events for bounding boxes based on events from spatial-events

split-polygon Splits a convex polygon by a plane

stanford-dragon The Stanford Dragon

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

stl STL to Array of verts and vice versa

surfacecurve-blender surfacecurve-blender is a Javascript module for parsing data from .blend Blender files

surfacecurve-gfx a client-side rendering engine

svg-3d-simplicial-complex Renders a simplicial complex to a chunk of an svg file

teapot The Utah Teapot

three JavaScript 3D library

threegrid Takes a grid array and renders a visualization using three.js

tranny A little library for converting compound CSS transforms into their matrix equivalents

triangle-buffer A DOM based 3D triangle renderer

triangle-normal Get the normal vector of a 3D triangle

trimesh Tools for processing triangulated meshes in Javascript

unindex-mesh Takes a list of vertices and faces, giving you back an array of individual triangles.

voxel-chunks detached voxel chunk geometries with independent matrix translations

voxel-print 3D print voxel models via shapeways

voxel-wall Create walls for voxel.js games.

webgl-texture3d Workaround GLSL function for using 3D textures in WebGL

write-vrml Serializes a mesh to a VRML file

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