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access access control resources, groups and modes by id

access-control Easily handle HTTP Access Control (CORS) in your applications

access-log Add simple access logs to any http or https server

access2couch A command-line utility for Windows, that pushes a MS Access database to a CouchDB instance.

accesslog Simple common/combined access log middleware

accessors Read and update (nested) objects using simple patterns.

apache-like-accesslog A apache-like access log as middleware for nodejs.

apache-log Apache/CLF access logging middleware for Nodejs. Adds NodeJs requests to your existing apache or CLF analytics.

appdotauth access token generation server – generate valid api tokens with ease

authorize-mw Authorization middleware for Node.js and the Javascript platform in general

brackets2dots Convert string with bracket notation to dot property notation for Node.js and the browser.

brackets2dots.js Convert string with bracket notation to dot property notation for Node.js and the browser.

context-access Powerful access control with a dead simple API.

deep-access Access nested object properties via strings

deep-get-set Set and get values on objects via dot-notation strings.

dobj Object deep dot access. set, get, del methods available

dotty Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation

htdigest Node.js package for HTTP Digest Authentication password file utility.

htpasswd Node.js package for HTTP Basic Authentication password file utility.

http-auth Node.js package for HTTP basic and digest access authentication.

jasonkuhrt-get Safely, succinctly, access hash data

jdat A wrapper for an array of models with a JQuery like syntax

kasta Build user roles and access levels from a config object

miranda simple permissions module for managing access to resources

modella-context Context access control for Modella.

nod A simple, persistence-agnostic authorization system for node.js

node-adodb A Node.js JavaScript Client implementing the ADODB protocol .

object-path Access deep properties using a path

pac-proxy-agent A PAC file proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

permit-authorize Authorization via Permits for Javascript.

rampart Authorization module for Node.js.

random-access-file Continuous reading or writing to a file using random offsets and lengths

rbac Hierarchical Role Based Access Control

relations entity relationship, role, and permissions API for Node.js

selectn Resolves deeply-nested object properties via dot or bracket-notation for Node.js and the browser.

show-methods list all the methods in a node object

supermodels Create access functions for an object that has an array of models as a property

taichi-access a simple access control system for node.js

tedious-basedal A Base DAL (data access layer) for tedious (node TDS for SQL Server)

token HMAC token generation and verification with time-based limitation on validity

toucan A super simple permission module for access control with tokens

unix-access Wrapper for access() UNIX C function

win32ole Asynchronous, non-blocking win32ole bindings

win32ole-dev Asynchronous, non-blocking win32ole bindings

xacml eXtensible Access Control Markup Language 3.0

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