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accounting number, money and currency parsing/formatting library

exchange-rates NB: this module is deprecated and replaced by the new 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at

financier A Node.js module that helps with calculations concerning stocks and portfolios.

ledger-cli API for the ledger command-line interface (

ledger-import Import accounting transactions from CSV files to Ledger format.

ledger-rest REST web service API to access ledger cli data.

medici Simple double-entry accounting for Node + Mongoose

money JavaScript currency conversion library.

node-freeagent2 Node.js OAuth2 REST Library for use with the FreeAgent v2 API, with Passport Authentication Strategy

open-exchange-rates nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API

shimney-accounting Shimney package: accounting. number, money and currency parsing/formatting library

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