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ability A simple route-based ACL component for expressjs.

acl An Access Control List module, based on Redis with Express middleware support

auth-permission Represent a permission having an action and resource.

auth-role Create named collections of permissions.

auth-scope Create authorization scope from collection of roles and/or permissions.

bacl Simple, fast and secure node ACL

connect-access Access controls (ACLs) by location as a Connect middleware

connect-acl Simple roles and permissions-based ACL for Connect and Express

context-access Powerful access control with a dead simple API.

fakeblock Field-level ACL library for Node.js and NoSql document stores

iptrie IP tries (prefix tree)

miracle Flexible role-based authorization solution that is a pleasure to use

modella-context Context access control for Modella.

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

mothermayi MotherMayI is a simple and generic ACL lib for Node.js using Redis.

nerves Real time Backbone.js + Node.js (restful with ACL support)

node-acl A tiny ACL toolkit

nor-acl ACL routes

rampart Authorization module for Node.js.

relations entity relationship, role, and permissions API for Node.js

roles NodeJS Role Management

simple-acl Simple ACL. 'nuff said.

smart-acl SmartACL for rapid grant develop.

tdp-ah-acl A simple yet powerful NodeJS Access Control List (ACL) module which is designed to work with TDPAHAuth and thus ActionHero

virgen-acl A fast in-memory ACL with role/resource inheritance and support for custom assertions.

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