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addon Make your app modular.

addon-js Hello world.

basalt A native BSON parser addon for Node.

bindings Helper module for loading your native module's .node file

bindings-shyp Helper module for loading your native module's .node file

ccrypto Node.js C++ & JS-Native MD5 encoding of strings/arrays

cfx programmatically use cfx with node.js

cgeohash Node.js C++ & JS-Native GeoHash

codebox-quickstart Command line tool to generate addon skeleton.

desktop-notification Native addon for displaying desktop notifications

dia Modulus add-on test utility.

e4x-detector Reporting tool for finding uses of E4X in Firefox addons or JS scripts.

elephant A fast & memory-efficient data structure that cat tell if it saw a string before

excel-libxl libxl bindings for Node.js

fullname-native Get the fullname of the current user

galois Native module for math with galois fields

generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions

heritage Inheritance helpers from Mozilla's Add-on SDK

jetpack-id Creates an ID from a Firefox Jetpack manifest

mysql-libmysqlclient Binary MySQL bindings for Node.JS

native-gpio sysfs GPIO wrapper for node.js

native-io sysfs gpio (and later pwm) api for nodejs

node-gyp Node.js native addon build tool

node-pre-gyp Node.js native addon binary install tool

nodejsdb Intrinsic datastores for Node.js

nodemailer-templates Template objects to render templated emails such as {{}} for nodemailer.

npool A cross-platform thread pool add-on for Node.js

nw-gyp node-webkit native addon build tool

opendds OpenDDS module for Node.js

phash Bindings for node.js to pHash

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

robot-js A simple C++ addon module

syncnet A simple synchronous TCP library for Node.js

xpi Library for unpacking Firefox addons and extract their script contents.

zmq Bindings for node.js to zeromq

zmq-trunk Bindings for node.js to zeromq

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