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addr Get the remote address of a request, with reverse-proxy support

address Get current machine IP, MAC and DNS servers.

address-gps Retrieve GPS coordinates and readable address for a given address via the Google maps API

address-rfc2822 RFC 2822 (Header) email address parser

address-validator Validate street addresses via google's geocoding API. Get back valid addresses with lat/lon coords and a set of inexact matches

addressit Freeform Street Address Parser

assetly Helpers for working with static files in express projects.

bast bitcoin address scraping tool

cepfacil Wrapper JavaScript/Node.js para o servi├žo

chance Chance - Utility library to generate anything random

check-ip-subnet Check if IP belongs to the given subnet

china-address China address

coinstring Create and parse crypto currency addresses and wallet import formats.

connect-ipaccess Connect middleware for allowing or denying clients based on IP

emailscrubber Email Address scrubbing utility

ether-stream Ethernet frame serialization object stream.

eui64 JS library for dealing with IEEE-defined 64bit extended unique identifier.

evil-dns Override the IP address returned for one or more domains.

external-address NodeJS Module to Lookup your External (IP) Address

foonyah-smtpmailsender-mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

forwarded-for Abstraction for retrieving ip address information from a Node.js connection. Searches for proxy headers before degrading req.address

hexip translates hex formatted ip addresses to long and dot decimal

inteface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

interface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

isemail validate an email address according to RFCs 5321, 5322, and others

isme Check that ip match this computer

js-ip Javascript IP address parser and manipulator.

kladrapi Provides access to database of Russian addresses.

mac-address MAC address parsing functions

mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

mailgun-email-validation Use MailGun API for email validation check

mailgun-validate-email validate email addresses with mailgun API

mapquest Geocode, reverse geocode, and batch geocode using MapQuests open api.

moira Most Outstanding IP Reporting Assistant

mongoose-email-address-manager Manage multiple email addresses per user (or other model/doc) with this mongoose schema plugin.

netif Node wrapper for net/if.h

network-address get the local network address of your machine

networker design your own ipv4/6 networks

openaddress A NodeJS client for the OpenAddress geocoding service

phony A fake data generator.

postfix postfix parser in email address for nodejs

qsgeocoder Converts an array of adresses to pairs of coordinates using Google's geocoding API. This package is dependent on wyattdanger's geocoder.

remote_address_parser get ip remote address

remove-url-component Remove some url parameter from url in browser

satelize Get location details (latitude, longitude...) from IP visitor, server side NodeJS module

snailmailaddressparser A Javascript library to parse snail mail addresses into components

spoof Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux

tacify.js A three address code compiler for javascript

ups_node A simple NodeJS module for integrating UPS APIs

usps-webtools Api wrapper for the USPS Web-Tools

ziprip Extract postal addresses from the DOM

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