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acre Admin CRUD, and REST generator for Node.js

admin-forms2 backoffice with mongoose

admin-with-forms admin for mongoose and not mongoose projects which uses forms

agenda-express agenda express plugin

captain-admin Admin front-end for captain.js

catalogue A Mongoose Based Data Viewer

docpad-plugin-minicms Add admin features to docpad

easy-admin Simple and easy Admin UI with CRUD

express-admin MySql, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL database admin built with Express and Bootstrap.

final-db-object-admin Admin panel for FinalDBObject

formage Admin GUI addon for mongoose, jugglingdb, or just as a form generator

formage-admin Admin gui app for mongoose and non mongoose projects

fuji riak cli for zen minds

graffeine Caffeinated Neo4J Graph Exploration

hexo-admin Hexo Admin provides a dashboard for hexo blog systems.

icecast-admin icecast admin nodejs library

kabam-plugin-users Kabam plugin to manage custom user REST

keystone Web Application Framework and Admin GUI / Content Management System built on Express.js and Mongoose

landmark Deploying all the parts of your application to the right places in your server fleet has never been easier.

minecraft-server-admin API for managing a minecraft server instance

mongo-view {mongo.view} a lightweight node.js tool for managing mongodb databases

mongoose-admin automatic admin tool and admin pages for mongoose

mudsmith Node.js Server Monitoring for awesome people.

nblog Simple Blog CMS using Express and Mongo

node-django-admin A Node.js admin site tool inspired by the Django framework admin site tool

node-uforever Web UI for nodejitsu/forever

nodedbadmin nodeDBAdmin - mysql and mongodb (and other databases in future) database administration software

radio-keystone-fields More fields for keystone

sails-admin Generate a new Sails admin interface for your Sails app

sails-generate-admin Generate a new Sails admin interface for your Sails app

seneca-admin Administration plugin for Seneca deployments

sn-admin Web-Based Administrative Interface (mostly) for Headless Devices

sn-vagabond A Web UI for managing VirtualBox Appliances and Instances

survana-admin Survana administration module

tennu-admin Tennu Admin module.

weblogic WebLogic Client

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