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agent-base Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance Real-time, scalable agent<->server messaging

agentkeepalive Missing keepalive http.Agent

agents Quick HTTP user agent headers for slightly-immoral-and-very-improper web scraping

caching-agent http.Agent with built-in cache

diasp_agent An ugly, scraping, Diaspora agent.

enmasse A toolbox for creating large-scale multi-agent systems.

funnelweb Detect search engine crawlers by their User-Agent strings.

gebo-docs A gebo-server module for document-to-text conversions

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

gebo-utils Common utilities for the gebo-server

headers_parser Extract request headers information

http-proxy-agent An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

http-ssh-agent Send requests to http servers over ssh

https-proxy-agent An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTPS

iagent a http.Agent which supports keepAlive

iotkit-agent Edge agent to abstract complexities

keep-alive-agent a keep-alive agent for http and https

koopa Browser sniffing for node/jquery/not jquery

ml-js Machine Learning library for Node.js

ohdear The proverbial will hit the fan in production. This is an umbrella.

pac-proxy-agent A PAC file proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

proxy-agent Maps proxy protocols to `http.Agent` implementations

proxying-agent Node HTTP/HTTPS Forward Proxy Agent

random-ua Randomly generates User-Agent strings based on actual usage statistics from Wikipedia and as of July 2012.

secretagent A socket-based messaging system with `automatic failover`

sniffer Detects user agent and provides some helpers

socket-agent Socket pool interface similar to http.Agent

socks-proxy-agent A SOCKS (v4a) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP and HTTPS

superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

superagent-ender elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

supervisor.js A framework for building MAS Management Tools

thunkagent Yieldable SuperAgent with a thunk() method

tunnel Node HTTP/HTTPS Agents for tunneling proxies

twagent thin wrapper on top of superagent to sign twitter request

ua Dirt cheap User-Agent: parser

useragent Fastest, most accurate & effecient user agent string parser, uses Browserscope's research for parsing

webkit-devtools-agent Webkit devtools agent that leverages remote debugging and profiling of nodejs applications using the built-in webkit inspector.

yakaa Yet Another Keep-Alive Agent

zabbix_sender Simple node.js zabbix agent sender wrapper (agent for windows and smartos included others welcome)

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