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algebra Vectors, Matrices, Tensors

companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

csr-matrix Compressed sparse row matrix class

cwise Component-wise map/reduce for ndarrays

cycle-decomposition Computes the cycle decomposition for a permutation

differential Homological exterior derivartive with integer coefficients

durand-kerner Finds multiple roots of polynomials using Weierstrass' method

horner Evaluates polynomial

javascript-cas Computer Algebra System

js-solver Algebraic equation solving helper library

level-join join leveldb documents based on common nested values

monarch-db A relational modeling framework for client-centric web applications

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-complex Complex arithmetic for ndarrays

ndarray-nobuffer Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-ops Common operations for ndarray arrays

ndgemm Matrix multiplication for ndarrays

node-svd Singular-Value-Decomposition using SVDLIBC

numberic numericjs wrapper

poly-derivative Differentiates polynomial

polyrats polynumbers

rye JavaScript implemetation of Galois (finite) fields algebra for academic purposes

smr Streaming implementation of multiple regression.

sylvester node.js implementation of James Coglan's "Sylvester" matrix math library.

yagnus JavaScript stats library containing parallel distributed streaming algorithms to compute important frequently used statistics on big data. The library calculates commonly used univariate, multivariate and discrete statistics. It can be used alone in a webpage, or server-side in nodejs (or both since mss's can be merged), or within a big-data no-sql engines such as hadoop, mongodb.

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