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alias-property create robust aliases for an object's properties

aliasify Rewrite require calls in browserify modules.

coco-js Add CoffeeScript prototype alias operator (::) to JavaScript

command-mapper Maps command aliases to real commands based on a mapping.json file.

do-it Unify task commands across all languages and frameworks

express-urlalias URL rewriting middleware for Express.

grunt-config-plus Define package, description, aliases and task dependencies in an object/file per grunt task.

gruntfile-gtx Turbo, spoilers and a sunroof for your Gruntfile

mapify Alias mappings for browserify

mongoose-aliasfield Field alias support for mongoose

monguurl Automatically generate a unique and url-friendly alias/slug and store it in Mongoose

node-static-alias Serve static file which is not requested file. (e.g. `file.min.js` is requested, serve `file.js`)

object-mappr Map, alias, and flatten object values to other object values.

patch-as Patch ugly property names with a proxy to a better one.

remapify Alias directories of files for browserify

requiremap A browserify transform stream for aliasing require statements.

shortify rewrites require paths with defined aliases

slugz Turn a string into a url-safe slug.

trainsform trainform a object to the others - key, value changed

value-mapper Lookup values from a dictionary with aliasing, mapping, and flattenining.

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