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add-func-name Add temp name to anonymous function for debugging

bf2js brainf*ck to javascript compiler

binary-io.jsx Data serialize/deserialize utility for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

bit-vector.jsx BitVector implementation for JSX/JS/AMD/CommonJS

broccoli-iced-coffee IcedCoffeeScript compiler for broccoli

broccoli-livescript LiveScript compiler for Broccoli

broccoli-typescript TypeScript compiler for Broccoli

burrows-wheeler-transform.jsx Burrows Wheeler transform library for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

dabblescript Dabble with JavaScript syntax.

docpad-plugin-move Adds support for the Move to javascript language to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-php Adds support for the PHP language to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-roy Adds support for the Roy to javascript language to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-ruby Adds support for the Ruby language to DocPad.

egs Embedded GorillaScript template generator

escodegen.jsx escodegen wrapper for JSX

fm-index.jsx FM-index is the fastest full text search algorithm using a compressed index file. This is FM-index for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.

gorillascript GorillaScript is a compile-to-JavaScript language designed to empower the user while attempting to prevent some common errors.

jsduck2jsx Generate JSX wrapper from JSDuck output files

jsx a faster, safer, easier JavaScript

jsx-init This tool helps creating project scaffolding for JSX.

kaffeine Enhanced Syntax for Javascript

logica a compile-to-javascript predicate logic language

node-webkit.jsx node-webkit API wrapper for JSX

nodejs.jsx node.js binding for JSX

qt5.jsx Qt API wrapper for JSX

query-parser.jsx Google-ish query string parser for JSX/JS/CommonJS/AMD

scope-lang Scope is a programming language designed to revolutionize web application development for both the back-end and front-end developer.

shutil.jsx High level file/directory operation methods.

snowball-stemmer.jsx This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.

typescript-parser.jsx TypeScript parser for JSX

uuid.jsx The RFC-compliant UUID generator for JSX

wavelet-matrix.jsx WaveletMatrix implementation for JS/JSX/AMD/CommonJS

webworker.jsx WebWorker API wrapper for JSX

xml.jsx XML implementation in JSX

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