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activity-analyzer A simple, time-of-day-based activity analyzer.

analyst Crank out the queries, spread the love.

anvil.plato Plato analysis tool for anvil

cobweb Web auditing and analysis framework

cobweb-queue Adds queuing functionality to Cobweb

complexity-report Software complexity analysis for JavaScript projects

concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

csscssbeauty Executes CSSCSS and shows the result beautified on a local server.

cytoscape A JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualisation

datumbox DatumBox API Wrapper in Nodejs

density-clustering Density Based Clustering in JavaScript

docpad-plugin-heapdumper Dumps a heap snapshot for each event in docpad, viewable in chrome profiler

e4x-detector Reporting tool for finding uses of E4X in Firefox addons or JS scripts.

escomplex Software complexity analysis of JavaScript-family abstract syntax trees.

escomplex-ast-moz Mozilla-format AST walker for escomplex.

escomplex-coffee Software complexity analysis for CoffeeScript projects. CoffeeScript-specific wrapper around escomplex.

escomplex-js Javascript wrapping library for escomplex.

escomplex-traits Traits for escomplex AST walkers.

grunt-asset-monitor Grunt task to analyse and log simple metrics of static assets to Amazon CloudWatch.

grunt-css-metrics Grunt task to analyse css files and log simple metrics.

grunt-csschecker Perform checks on your CSS and its interaction with other source files in your project.

grunt-csscss Grunt task that executes CSSCSS.

grunt-plato Generate complexity analysis reports with plato

grunt-stylestats Analyze your stylesheets using stylestats.

gulp-complexity A JavaScript complexity analysis gulp task

gulp-plato Generate complexity analysis reports

hacker-deps print out which hackers your application depends on

htmlhint A Static Code Analysis Tool for HTML

inlinify Inline functions in JavaScript

is-require Tests whether an JavaScript AST node is likely to be a valid `require` call.

js_analysis Javascript Static Code Analysis Engine

jscheckstyle Static analysis tool for javascript - calculates cyclomatic complexity, amongst other things

jstags ctags-like tag generator for JavaScript and Node.js

kendo-lint 'A static analysis (linting) tool that checks your usage of Kendo UI objects'

lastname Package for search proper names in text. Can be used for incline some proper names.

lessimport less file dependency analysis,import file analysis,δΎθ΅–εˆ†ζž

lex An elegant armor-plated JavaScript lexer modelled after flex. Easily extensible to tailor to your need for perfection.

mimosa-plato Mimosa module for plato static analysis tool

module-calls Find all places a node module is used in a string of code

module-usage See how a module is used in npm

nkima Tree walking helper for AST's supporting the Mozilla Parser API.

node-github-list-packages A Node library and a commandline tool to list used packages in a github repository.

node-tokenizer A tokenizer written in JavaScript.

nostradamus Holt-Winters triple exponential smoothing algorithm (for time series forecasting)

npm-graph Prints a dependency graph of modules that is actually required

numeric Numerical analysis in javascript

pa11y pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal

pa11y-webservice pa11y-webservice provides scheduled accessibility reports for multiple URLs

pa11y-webservice-client-node pa11y-webservice-client-node is a Node.js client library for pa11y-webservice

plato JavaScript source analysis and visualizer

projekt A project management set of tools designed around require.js that includes tools to analyze all your javascript files and perform refactoring on them.

requisite A cosmic javascript bundler.

scopup Scope analysis of an Mozilla Parser AST (from esprima)

sediment Node.JS sentiment analysis using AFINN-111

semantics Automatical text analysis. Text metrics. Search proper names and expressions. Mostly in russian.

sentiment-multitool cli to scan piped text streams or start a web service for sentimint analysis. uses 'sentiment' by diy

shubhadownloader There is large amount of information available in market place. The markets are always in sync. In today's world investors find it very difficult to make effective use of information available to them. Shubha Downloader is great tool which resolves this problem and helps investor to increase his productivity and stay focused on decision making. Shubha Downloader enable end user to download market data from available sources and organize it. Shubha Downloader is Open source & FREE utility for end users. Shubha Downloader have main features as follows End of the day market data from web to your favorite charting application . Fundamental market data from web to your favorite charting application. Market reports from web to your favorite charting application.

static-eval evaluate statically-analyzable expressions

statisticalanalysis Statistical Analysis module, has FDIST and FINV functions

stats-analysis Engineering statistics and data analysis

StringScanner StringScanner performs lexical scanning operations on a string.

structured Simple interface for checking structure of JS code against a template, backed by Esprima.

symlink npm link together local modules && npm install remaining dependencies

titaniumifier Get a Titanium SDK CommonJS module out of a Node package!

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-tag turf tag module

vh-sentiment Module for accessing the Viralheat Sentiment API.

viralheat-sentiment Module for accessing the Viralheat sentiment analysis service.

web-audio-analyser A thin wrapper around the Web Audio API that takes an <audio> element and gives you its waveform/frequency data in return.

xpi Library for unpacking Firefox addons and extract their script contents.

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