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anchor-markdown-header Generates an anchor for a markdown header.

anchors Extract anchor tags from HTML and parse them into objects with useful information.

assemble-anchor Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from generated html.

assemble-contrib-anchors Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from headings in generated html using Cheerio.js.

assemble-contrib-markdown Convert markdown files to HTML, this is an alternative to the markdown Handlebars helpers. Both are useful in different scenarios.

assemble-goldcome-toc Assemble目录自动生成插件,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

assemble-plugin-toc Assemble目录自动生成插件,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

docpad-plugin-link Take the document's`id` and generate the corresponding html link

ep_scrolltoanchor Scroll to line containing #anchor based on a parameter of anchor in the URL, e.g.

find-anchor find the element an anchor refers to

html-linkify Turn plain text links into HTML anchor elements

identify Generate id attributes for HTML block elements

link_extractor A simple module to extract hyperlinks from Javascript strings.

linkscrape A Node.js module to scrape and normalize links from an HTML string.

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