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and-stream Filter multiple-streams of incoming objects, and only return objects that are present in all streams.

bdd-wrappers BDD wrappers for jasmine and mocha describe/it to help writing tests in GIVEN WHEN THEN AND fashion

connected Error first callback for listening on the server.

ember-droplet Ember HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and image/file preview.

find-and-modify-stream MongoDB find and modify object write stream

frep A find and replace utility. Modify strings by passing an array or object of RegExp or string replacement patterns

logic-gates Logical gates defined as methods

luminance Convert RGB to grayscale

ness boolean evaluation in javascript done right

riverjs-event-sequence a tool for handling serial and parallel asynchronous event quene.

upper-bound Find the index of the first element greater than x in a sorted array

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