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ansi Advanced ANSI formatting tool for Node.js

ansi_up Convert ansi sequences in strings to colorful HTML

ansi-canvas Render a <canvas> node to your terminal

ansi-codes just an object that returns ANSI styling codes

ansi-color This module provides basic ANSI color code support, to allow you to format your console output with foreground and background colors as well as providing bold, italic and underline support.

ansi-escape-codes a simple ansi esc code module

ansi-font ANSI font styling utils

ansi-html-stream Stream ANSI terminal output to an HTML format.

ansi-keycode map browser keycodes to ansi characters and escape sequences

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes.

ansi-moedict draw moedict-style ansi-art in your terminal

ansi-pansi Basic ansi formatting, foreground and background colours for use with CLIs.

ansi-stripper Strip ansi color codes from a string

ansi-styles ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal

ansi-to-html Convert ansi escaped text streams to html.

ansi-vnc terminal vnc client

ansicolors Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.

ansidiff ANSI colored text diffs

ansidown Transform Markdown in to terminal styled (ansi) output

ansistyles Functions that surround a string with ansistyle codes so it prints in style.

ansiterm Terminal Handling Utility Library

antsy draw full-color (xterm-256) ansi graphics into a buffer

ascii-art A package for ansi codes, figlet fonts, and ascii art

ascli A uniform foundation for unobtrusive (ASCII art in) cli apps.

bashprompt A bash prompt framework in node.js

browser-menu A browser-friendly implementation of substack's terminal-menu

caroline colourful console output for node.js

ccolors get colors in your node.js cli console like what

chalk Terminal string styling done right. Created because the `colors` module does some really horrible things.

charm ansi control sequences for terminal cursor hopping and colors

charm-papandreou ansi control sequences for terminal cursor hopping and colors

clear Clear the terminal screen if possible

cli-chart Ansi color Bar Charts in your terminal with node.js!

cli-color Colors, formatting and other tools for the console

colorado ridiculously simple console string styling

colorful colorful if a terminal tool for colors

colorific Text coloring (with ANSI) for nodejs

colorit give some colors to your node.js console apps

colorize An expressive interface for ANSI colored strings and terminal output.

colorplus A painless way to color your console in node.js

colors get colors in your node.js console like what

colors2 Get colors in your node.js console like what

colour A cored, fixed, documented and optimized version of the popular `colors.js`: Get colors in your node.js console like what...

colours get colors in your node.js console like what

columnify Render data in text columns, supports in-column text-wrap.

culoare Colours for the node console, served with hot coffee

cursor-back Ensures that you get your cursor back when a program that hides it ends, no matter how.

cursory compute the relative cursor position on a terminal stream

diff.js A simplified diff implementation in JavaScript. (by minimun edit distance dynamic programming)

dye Coloring library for console strings

enkicolor simple color module with no prototype hacks and browser-compatibility

escapes.js nodejs version of escapes.js to write ansii art png files

figlet Creates ASCII Art from text. A full implementation of the FIGfont spec.

figlet-cli Command line interface for the FIGlet.js library.

grunt-cat Echo a file to the terminal. Works with text, figlets, ascii art, and full-color ansi.

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color

hypernal Renders terminal output as html to simplify reusing server side modules in the browser.

icolor Add ANSI colors to strings

jetty TTY, you so fly

js-csi CSI ANSI escape codes

linger A busy indicator for the terminal

minichain Minimal semantic chainable output styler/writer

ministyle Minimal chainable semantic output styler/writer

minitable Minimal table-layout for semantic styler/writer

miniwrite Minimal semantic output writer

multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-hj render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-stack render multiple progress bars (and stacks) at once on the terminal

node-xml-lite Pure javascript XML ANSI/Unicode SAX parser for Node.js

nodejs-ansibuffer Escape code aware (ANSI), chunked, input/output buffer

picture-tube render 256 color images on the terminal

pm2-multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal with eventlimit maxed

qransi Node module for creating QR codes in ANSI

qrcode-console QRCodes, in the console

qrcode-terminal QRCodes, in the terminal

simple-ansi A simple module to expose ansi terminal codes as memorable names.

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

term Unleash the force of your terminal

term-canvas Terminal canvas api written with node.js

term-css style terminal output with CSS!

term-list interactive terminal lists

term-list-bar interactive terminal lists with status bar

terminal-menu retro ansi terminal menus for serious 80s technicolor business

termio Perfectly convert ANSI escape codes into HTML.

textlogin create stylish text ansi logins and ansi based menus!

tortu AJLogo command line interpreter

ttycolor Terminal colors that respect whether a stream is a tty

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

typo-image Typo-image is an ANSI image plugin for typo - draw images into command-line (CLI)!

uncolor Remove ANSI escape codes from stringsr

x256 find the nearest xterm 256 color index for an rgb

xcolor Extended colors and markup for the terminal

yttej Jetty in reverse. Parse ANSI escape sequences!

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