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anvil-cli Anvil client for node

anvil-stylus Stylus extension for anvil.js

anvil.backbonejs Provides scaffolding for backbone.js apps.

anvil.bower Bower support for anvil

anvil.buildr Parses through script tags, pulls out the references and replaces them with concating files.

anvil.cdnjs Install packages from cdnjs.

anvil.ckeditor Scaffold for CKEditor plugins CoffeeScript compiler extension for anvil.js

anvil.combiner An anvil core extension that combines files via import statements

anvil.component Adds component support to anvil

anvil.concat An anvil core extension that provides file concatenation support

anvil.csslint CSSLint plugin for anvil.js

anvil.cssmin Cssmin extension for anvil.js

anvil.demo.scaffolds scaffolds for the quick start

anvil.extension A core anvil component that provides command-line extension support

anvil.headers A core anvil component that writes headers to output files

anvil.http *OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js

anvil.identify A core anvil extension that identifies files for the build

anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js

anvil.jasmine A jasmine test runner for anvil.js

anvil.jshint JSHint plugin for anvil.js

anvil.jslint JSLint plugin for anvil.js

anvil.mocha Mocha test runner for anvil.js

anvil.output A core anvil extension that pushes complete files to output

anvil.phantom PhantomJS runner for anvil.js

anvil.plato Plato analysis tool for anvil

anvil.plugin An anvil core plugin that provides command-line plugin support

anvil.rjs A plugin for integrating rjs dependency compliation into anvil builds

anvil.scaffold.aloha Scaffold for Aloha Editor plugins

anvil.scaffold.backboneonexpress Scaffold for Backbone-On-Express plugins

anvil.scaffold.ckeditor Scaffold for CKEditor plugins

anvil.scaffold.cli A core anvil extension that exposes scaffolds to the command line

anvil.scaffolding A set of scaffolds for extending anvil

anvil.start Creates the basic anvil.js folder structure.

anvil.task.cli An anvil core extension that exposes tasks to the command line

anvil.template HTML template rendering for anvil

anvil.testem Testem runner integration for anvil.js

anvil.token A core anvil extension that provides token replacement in source files

anvil.transform A core anvil extension that supports 'transpilers'

anvil.uglify Uglify extension for anvil.js

anvil.workset A core anvil extension that manages the working set of files in a build

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