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a5 NodeJS implementation of the A5 JavaScript development framework

advisable Functional mixin for sync and async before/after/around advice

aop Simple AOP realization for async applications

aop-part A simple AOP library using part.js

aopjs AOP of Nodejs

around Aspect oriented programming for JavaScript

aspect dojo aspect function

aspectos Small and simple AOP library

autobahnjs nodejs/expressjs/deepjs related tools and middlewares

conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....

cut Aspect-oriented (AOP) helper for sync or async code

dcl Elegant minimalistic implementation of OOP with mixins + AOP.

deepjs Powerful atomic tools for managing objects, functions and promises

defineClass Simple yet powerful OOP and AOP for JavaScript.

duck-punch Duck punch objects with reckless abandon

extensible Create highly extensible software components.

hooker Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff.

jsface Small, fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support main, singleton, super call, private, mixins, plugins, AOP and more.

meld AOP for JS with before, around, on, afterReturning, afterThrowing, after advice, and pointcut support

node-aop node-aop is a aop helper library for JavaScript, can be run inside Node.js or in a browser.

node-g3 G3 Framework

ovy A fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support singleton, super call, private, mixins and more.

preposterous Adds ability to automatically fire before (pre) and after (post) events when a method is called

purr Make your application purr. Add audio when functions and properties get called.

scarlet The simple fast javascript interceptor for methods and properties.

scarlet-contrib-logger Scarlet plugin for a simple logger

scarlet-log4js Scarlet plugin for using Log4js with method and property event interception

scarlet-passport Scarlet plugin for using Passport authentication

scarlet-winston Scarlet plugin for using Winston with method and property event interception

straps Class inheritance library with support for bean-style accessors.

wire A light, fast, flexible Javascript IOC container.

yaap yaap

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