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audio5 HTML5 Audio Compatibility Layer

auidocjs AUIDoc from YUIDoc

authkit A small brunch of code that help developer to manage access control

authsux A simple Node.js authentication library

authy-node Authy API wrapper

automatic Automatic API Node.js module

automeme An automeme API wrapper.

autoremote.js autoRemote node.js API

autoscout24-node A simple client implementation to access autoscout24 api for/in node.js

avocadojs Node wrapper for Avocado API

aws-billing AWS billing API for node

aws-prod-adv-signature This is a signature creator for the AWS Product Advertising REST API. Dont try to use this signature method for other AWS API's!!!

aws-sdk AWS SDK for JavaScript

aws-sdk-apis AWS SDK for JavaScript APIs

aws-sqs Amazon AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) library for Node.js that is user-friendly

aws2js AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

aws2js-patched AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

awssum NodeJS module to aid talking to Web Service APIs. Requires plugins.

awssum-amazon NodeJS module to aid talking to Amazon Web Services. Requires awssum-amazon-* plugins.

awssum-amazon-autoscaling AwsSum plugin for Amazon AutoScaling.

awssum-amazon-cloudformation AwsSum plugin for Amazon CloudFormation.

awssum-amazon-cloudfront AwsSum plugin for Amazon CloudFront.

awssum-amazon-cloudsearch AwsSum plugin for Amazon CloudSearch.

awssum-amazon-cloudwatch AwsSum plugin for Amazon CloudWatch.

awssum-amazon-dynamodb AwsSum plugin for Amazon DynamoDB.

awssum-amazon-ec2 AwsSum plugin for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

awssum-amazon-elasticache AwsSum plugin for Amazon ElastiCache.

awssum-amazon-elasticbeanstalk AwsSum plugin for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

awssum-amazon-elb AwsSum plugin for Amazon Elastic LoadBalancing (ELB).

awssum-amazon-emr AwsSum plugin for Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

awssum-amazon-fps AwsSum plugin for Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS).

awssum-amazon-glacier AwsSum plugin for Amazon Glacier.

awssum-amazon-iam AwsSum plugin for Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM).

awssum-amazon-imd AwsSum plugin for Amazon Instance MetaData (IMD).

awssum-amazon-importexport AwsSum plugin for Amazon ImportExport.

awssum-amazon-rds AwsSum plugin for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

awssum-amazon-redshift AwsSum plugin for Amazon Redshift.

awssum-amazon-route53 AwsSum plugin for Amazon Route53.

awssum-amazon-s3 AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

awssum-amazon-ses AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

awssum-amazon-simpledb AwsSum plugin for Amazon SimpleDB.

awssum-amazon-sns AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

awssum-amazon-sqs AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

awssum-amazon-storagegateway AwsSum plugin for Amazon StorageGateway.

awssum-amazon-sts AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple Token Service (STS).

awssum-amazon-swf AwsSum plugin for Amazon Simple WorkFlow (SWF).

azure-publishsettings-parser A node.js utility to parse the Windows Azure publishsettings file, and create ServiceManagementService objects to work with the Azure Service Management API.

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

backbone-jsonapi Backbone Model & Collection .parse() functions for data from a JSON API

backendjs Backend.js framework

ballin-coinbase-api Nodejs coinbase api

bandcamp Library for rocking out with Bandcamp's API

bapi A small wrapper to Alfredo API services

bare The opposite of a framework

bart BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ETD Event Emitters

bart-api Api client for

base A lightweight micro web framework that build on connect.js and written in CoffeeScript.

basecamp-classic Basecamp Classic API wrapper for node/express

basis-data An async data retriever for Basis B1 tracker

batch-geocoder Node.js Batch Geocoder for the Google Maps API

batchsky A http Batch API server with support for chunked-streaming.

baucis Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

baucis-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

baucis-swagger Generate customizable swagger definitions for your Baucis REST API.

bbb-server An opinionated, production-ready node.js server for backbone boilerplate.

bedoon yet another no backend solution using mongodb and nodejs

beebotte Beebotte is an open cloud platform for real time connected objects. This package provides the implementation of Beebotte API in nodejs.

beer a simple useful wrapper of request

beer-advocate-api Unofficial library for working with Beer Advocate data.

beetea-server beetea is a super lightweight framework to build APIs with stantdard and custom REST and security policies

bella A API Authentication for node.js

betfair Betfair JSON API

beyond Event driven back end designed spesificaly for the reach-framework

bigassmessage A light API wrapper for

bigcommerce Node.js client for the Bigcommerce API

bing-geocoder Really simple module that encapsulates calls to the Bing geocoder, and handles errors

bird Simple Twitter API Wrapper

biscotto A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

bitcoin-node-api Bitcoin-Node-Api is an Express middleware plugin that exposes URLs for quick development and interfacing with a bitcoind Bitcoin wallet.

bitmessage-node Node wrapper for bitmessage client api

bitminter API wrapper for

bitpay-node A Node.js library for the Bitpay Bitcoin API

bittorrent-sync A simple wrapper for the BitTorrent Sync API

bittrex client for node.js

bitx A simple wrapper for the BitX API.

bitx-cli Call the BitX API from the command line.

blackbird Confortable interfacing of event based transports

blimp Node Library for the Blimp API.

blockchain node.js module to access the blockchain websocket api

bluecat REST API test framework in nodejs

bluefrisby API tests generated from your api blueprint.

bluepress A mock server generated from API Blueprint.

bmrest REST framework over express

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

bodymedia Interface to the Bodymedia API -

booster Booster is the ***fastest*** way to get a full-fledged REST service up and running in [nodejs](!

boozey Boozey is a library for working with the Open Beer Database

box-view-api Box View API, node.js client library

boxeen Boxee API wrapper

brainy-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

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