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brainy-sync-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

brand24-api-nodejs Brand24 Node.js Api Client

brest REST framework over express

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

brewery search brewery information via the brewerydb api

brewerydb-node A wrapper for Brewerydb's REST api

bridger Semi automagic bridging of server apis to the browser via and someday maybe rest...

brightcove node.js implementation of Brightcove APIs

brinydeep node.js wrapper for Digital Ocean's API

brisk-facebook Simple REST controller for the Facebook API

brisk-twitter Simple REST controller for the Twitter API

bromockapis Mock APIs.

browsermob-proxy-api NodeJS bindings for controlling a browsermob-proxy instance (creating ports, HARs, etc)

bswagger Generate customizable swagger definitions for your Baucis REST API.

btce BTC-E Trading API

btsync BitTorrent Sync - API

btsync-api Bittorent Sync API Client

buffer-alpaca Buffer API library client for node.js

buffer-api Node wrapper for the Buffer API.

buildserver configurable build server with integration

bukkit Control your Bukkit Minecraft server

bukkit-stats Gets a server's stats displayed in the client serverlist

bundlecamp-xbox-live A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data

bundlecamper-xbox-live A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data

bundlecamper-xbox-live-module A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data

bunsen A minimal rest framework inspired by python's Flask and Flask-Slither

busbuddy BusBuddy js api for node and the browser

butte A API wrapper for developer to access Butte Service

callme Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my callback.

camino One-stop routing for server- and client-side web applications

caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM

campusbooks JavaScript Client for CampusBooks Partner API (v12).

canned serve canned responses to mock an api, based on files in a folder

caradoc node js framework

caradoc-entity entity managment for caradoc framework

caradoc-login login service for caradoc framework

caradoc-router router for caradoc framework

caradoc-security security middleware for caradoc framework

caradoc-server server for caradoc framework

caradoc-sql service SQL for caradoc framework

caradoc-user default user for caradoc framework

carwingsjs Node bindings for the Nissan Leaf Carwings API

cataloger Markdown documentation generator. Provides API en command line tool. Requires strict input and follows JSDoc standards.

ccaccelerometer CCAccelerometer package

ccaction3d ccaction3d for cocos3d-html5

ccactions Actions package

ccactions3d 3D actions package

ccanimation ccanimation for cocos2d-html5

ccarmature armature for cocos2d-html5

ccaudio CCAudio package

ccbase64toimg ccbase64toimg for cocos2d-html5

cccliping CCClippingNode package

cccompress Compress tools package

cceffects Effects package

ccinput ccinput for cocos3d-html5

cckazmath Math package

cckeyboard Keyboard event package

cclabel Label nodes package

cclabelbmfont labelbmfont for cocos2d-html5

ccmenu Menu package

ccmotionstreak CCMotionStreak package

ccnotificationcenter ccnotificationcenter for cocos2d-html5

ccnpmtest ccnpmtest

ccparallax CCParallaxNode package

ccparticle Paticle system package

ccphysics Physic node package

ccprogress Progress timer package

ccrendertexture CCRenderTexture package

ccscrollview scrollview for cocos2d-html5

ccshaders Shaders package

ccshapenode Shape nodes package

ccspine spine for cocos2d-html5

cctestaaa cocos2d-html5

cctextinput Text input node package

cctgalib cctgalib for cocos2d-html5

cctilemap Tile map package

cctouch Touch event package

cctransitions Transition package

ccui cocos ui package

ccuserdefault ccuserdefault for cocos2d-html5

ccziputils ccziputils for cocos2d-html5

cdnjs Search and URL retrieval from cdnjs

centralindex Central Index, the world's local data exchange

cepfacil Wrapper JavaScript/Node.js para o servi├žo

chai-adhoc Instantly extend Chai.js and define custom assertions! We provide a simpler API to work with.

chainmail chained API for mandrill

chaps cache fronted http api caller

cheese A flexible, reactive, client-side web framework

cheezburger A module for interfacing with the cheezburger api

chef Access the Opscode Chef Server API from Node

chef-api A simple chef server api wrapper

cheswick JSON APIs made simple

chiiv A node module to perform api requests to chiiv

circle Minimalistic JSON API Server

circonusapi2 Tiny library for interacting with Circonus' API v2

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