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cocoslog cocoslog for cocos2d-html5

codekart a Node.js MVC Framework

coffee-engine A modern website engine.

coffee-sugar A library that extends native JavaScript / CoffeeScript.

commander-test testing commander in global installation

create-node-project Create common Node.js project structure

ctrl4x Controllers for express.js

decors a simple, temporary, reusable reverse proxy, with benefits. designed for prototyping js apps by serving static files, live code reloads, and CORS bypassing

dropdot Simple file uploading application

dynamic-routes Dynamic routes for Express.JS

easy-folderator An easy way to automatically include and name modules in subdirectories.

editbox editbox for cocos2d-html5

ekit-cross-site ekit package, support cross site manager

elastic-transfer Elastic | Transfer (innovating file management)

ember-cli Command line tool for developing ambitious ember.js apps

ender-wallet see what's inside your ender $

epsom Express skeleton with coffee-script. Configured using mongoose, zurb foundation, emberjs, jquery. rawjs

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-generator Express' application generator

express-router A library for organizing routes of an express application

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

expressimo Even more pleasure with the Express framework

expressway An MVC Framework for Node.js using Express and EJS

facebook-search A simple Node.js search module for Facebook Graph API

fapp A node.js application module.

fapp-proxy A node.js proxy module.

file-url Convert a path to a file url: unicorn.jpg ➔ file:///Users/sindresorhus/unicorn.jpg

fire An opinionated, convention-based Node web framework focused on developer productivity.

fireworks-cli Command-line interface to Fireworks framework

frontend Scaffold for frontend app

ft-wp Front-Trends Wordpress generator

fullname Get the fullname of the current user

fullname-native Get the fullname of the current user

further A lightweight library on Node.js

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

generator-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-cmelion Custom yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-cms Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-cordova Yeoman generator

generator-angular-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-angular-jade-stylus Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Jade and Stylus

generator-angular-js Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-juice Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Express server

generator-angular-mongodb-login Extends Yeoman generator for AngularJS and includes a sub-generator to scaffold user login page backed by MongoDB. NOTE: this is just an idea for now; if you like/need it star the project and I'll be happy to put more hours into it.

generator-angular-phonegap [DEPRECATED] Use instead

generator-angular-php Yeoman generator for AngularJS with a PHP backend. Based on generator-angular. /api is redirected by grunt-connect-proxy to the PHP built-in server using grunt-php

generator-angular-rails-proxy Yeoman generator for AngularJS with proxy for rails dev mode

generator-angular-require Yeoman generator for AngularJS using RequireJS

generator-angular-silex Yeoman generator for Silex based upon AngularJS

generator-angular-static Yeoman generator for AngularJS, with a static folder

generator-angular-stylus-jade Yeoman generator for AngularJS, Jade & Stylus [Development Version based on genertor-angular]

generator-angular-ui-router Yeoman generator for AngularJS( include UI-router )

generator-angular-wixapp Yeoman generator for AngularJS based App Market application

generator-angular-wsi WSI Specigic Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-xl Custom yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angularexpress Yeoman generator for AngularJS with an Express server

generator-applesscss Generador de una aplicacion base o esqueleto para empezar a trabajar con: LessCSS, Normalize, Jquery y Angularjs.

generator-armadillo Yeoman generator for static websites

generator-axyz Yeoman Generator inspired by generator-webapp with flexibility in mind

generator-baboon Yeoman generator for creating Baboon MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, RedisIO, ExpressJS, AngularJS, SocketIO, and NodeJS

generator-baffled Bootstrap + Angular + Firebase + Flat-UI

generator-basic-app A generator for Yeoman - Basic App

generator-blocss Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-browserify Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3

generator-btapp BitTorrent btapp.js web app yeoman generator

generator-can Yeoman generator for CanJS

generator-closure Generator for Closure Library

generator-compass-extension Yeoman generator for Compass Extensions

generator-couchapp Scaffold out a front-end web app; based on generator-webapp

generator-crangular Yeoman generator for Chrome Apps with AngularJS

generator-dan Yeoman generator for Single Page Application based on Backbone framework

generator-dcx Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-dictyweb Scaffold out a front-end web app for the dictyBase

generator-django-webapp Scaffold out a Django web app with front-end support

generator-express-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Express

generator-flight Generator for scaffolding out a Flight web app

generator-float Scaffolds out a front-end web app built specifically for Aan Zee's Float Framework

generator-footguard Yeoman generator for single page application

generator-foundation-ext Zurb Foundation 4.3 generator that bootstraps default themes, is build ready out of the box, and has a CoffeeScript Gruntfile.

generator-go-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Go

generator-gulp-bootstrap Scaffold out a front-end web app using Sass (node-sass) by default

generator-gulp-ng Yeoman generator for gulp+angular

generator-gulp-requirejs Scaffold out a front-end web app using RequireJS

generator-gulp-webapp Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-gulper Gulp webapp generator

generator-hbswebapp Default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end web app

generator-intuit-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating IPP integrated MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-ionic A generator for the Ionic Framework

generator-ionicjs A generator for the Ionic Framework

generator-iris Scaffold out a front-end Iris web app

generator-jade-rabbit A front-end generator with Jade and LESS

generator-kbc-ui-app Yeoman generator for Keboola Connection UI application

generator-launchpad A quick project prototyping tool. Included are options for custom CSS/SASS setups, Modernizr, jQuery, Google analytics, etc., using a workflow based on Grunt and Bower, not to mention Yeoman.

generator-lessapp Scaffold out a LESS front-end web app

generator-mean-seed Yeoman generator for MEAN-seed - AngularJS and node.js responsive/cross-platform/mobile ready app/website

generator-meanjs MEAN.JS Official Yeoman Generator

generator-meany Yeoman generator for a MEAN stack

generator-mobile Mobile generator for scaffolding out a mobile-first webapp

generator-ng-scaffold A yeoman generator for an AngularJS application scaffold.

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