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append-header append-header

appendage decorate streams uniformly

appender a module to append files

autofile-scaffolding-append Append data to {{placeholders}} in files.

bacon A less ugly way to deal with buffers.

domy A collection of small modules that make the DOM more peaceful

function-enhancements Some javascript function enhacements. Arguments:pass, prepend, append. Timing: delay, periodical, debounce, throttle, once

google-fonts A small helper library for embedding Google Fonts on your page.

gulp-append-data Append content of JSON file as property to currently streamed file

gulp-insert Append or Prepend a string with gulp

lag.append The lag function append() as a standalone module.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

nunjucks-append A nunjucks extension that allows one to create a tag and append content to it in subviews

text_append Sync queue to append file. Only support text file.

uniqf Make a file name unique by appending a cryptographic hash

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