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angularjs-scope.safeapply A Scope Wrapper for AngularJS

ap Currying in javascript. Like .bind() without also setting `this`.

apply-transform Applies a transform to an input string and calls back with result, mostly useful for testing transforms

diff-replay Diff implementation with diff application and reversion functions. Save bandwidth by calculating the diff of a document on the client and sending the diff to the server instead of the entire document. The server can construct the new document from the old document by applying the diff.

es6-spread ES6 spread compiled to ES5.

fast-apply Apply an array of arguments... faster

finkel Flexible currying mixin for Underscore or Lo-Dash

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

futil Javascript Functional Utilities

git-apply-delta apply delta buffer to target buffer

nodeproxy A port of the jQuery proxy function to nodeJs

ply Function.prototype.apply wrappers.

specialize Partial function evaluator

thus Create a JavaScript scope in which the enclosing function's first argument is referred to as `this'

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