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applitude Simple Module Management

backbone.marionette Make your Backbone.js apps dance!

backbone.wreqr A Simple Service Bus For Backbone and Backbone.Marionette

fire-up Fire Up! is a dependency injection container designed specifically for node.js with a powerful but sleek API.

http-events A straight-forward module which exposes the services of an event emitter over HTTP

keel A stabilizing framework for Backbone applications

kickapp Application architecture framework with pluggable services

layers A package to help layered architecture for node.js

logicbox Organize your application logic into manageable components

microplugin A lightweight plugin / dependency system for javascript libraries.

monostack MONOSTACK, a modular Node.JS stackful architecture

ncore Core library for your application

nody Toolkit for streaming architecture

otagai Otagai is an architecture application skeleton and framework that allows you to develop websites rapidly in Node.js and Express

qed wire up express routes to promise-returning functions

scatter IoC container and out-of-the-box extensibility for Node.js applications

shuttle A massively-distributable, service-oriented architecture with all the flexibility of Node.

soul Soul is arising from the ashes. It'll be a decoupled, modular domain model library. None of that ORM spaghetti.

that Advanced Node.js framework featuring Evented Evolution Engine, Seamless State Sharing, and Plugin-optimized Operation

wall Express inspired event-driven architecture.

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