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adm-zip A Javascript implementation of zip for nodejs. Allows user to create or extract zip files both in memory or to/from disk

archive-type Detect the archive type of a Buffer/Uint8Array

archiver a streaming interface for archive generation

archiver-staging a streaming interface for archive generation

axloader This is a library for loading assets files in batches. It works well for HTML5 games and for large web apps.

cameo Small-scale webpage archiver

decompress-zip A library for reading data from zip files

ec2-backup Easy backup your EC2 instances

file-type Detect the file type of a Buffer/Uint8Array

flickr-sync Deprecated. Use flickr-with-uploads instead.

flickr-with-uploads Flickr API with OAuth 1.0A and uploads

git-dropbox Archives git repositories to your dropbox folder.

grunt-nar Create and extract nar archives

grunt-tar.gz Grunt wrapper around native gzip/ungzip compression utility for node.js

gulp-nar Create and extract nar archives

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

gulp-zip ZIP compress files

heirloom Backup your family photos (or any file) efficiently to Amazon S3 A hook to archive and unarchive with tar. Operates synchronously for now.

is-7zip Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a 7ZIP file

is-bzip2 Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a BZIP2 file

is-gzip Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a GZIP file

is-rar Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a RAR file

is-tar Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a TAR file

is-zip Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a ZIP file

ls-archive A package for listing and reading files in archive files

nar node.js application archive

node-webmon A utility to poll webpages regularly, and/or stream data from a raw socket or server. All received data is logged into postgresql.

nodebb-plugin-archiver Archival Plugin for NodeBB, that automatically locks topics after a certain level of inactivity

notemplate-archive Archive a returned view with its assets in tar.gz - middleware for express-notemplate view engine

pa-archive Extract and create .pa archives

pagsfs The pseudo filesytem behind pags

quickarchive An archiving library designed for delivering files to the browser in bulk.

stream-file-archive Pipe Streams to time-rotated log files

tar.gz Native gzip compression and decompression utility for Node.js.

tweetslurp Backs up tweets to a JSON file.

unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream

winzip Tool for archiving files from the commandline

zip-paths Easily archive paths to zip files

zip-stream a streaming zip generator.

zipper Insanely simple zipfile creator for node.js

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