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arduino Control your Arduino with Node

arduino-firmata Arduino Firmata implementation for Node.js

arduinode Framework to connect the Arduino and node.js.

bitlash-commander Web control panel builder for Arduino

bonescript Physical computing library for embedded Linux

breakout-server Node.js module to run a BreakoutJS server

brewpi Node.js implementation of BrewPi temperature control

catbot arduino remote cat controller

catbot-ws-client catbot websockets client

cubelets A package for interacting with Cubelets.

danger-shield Module for controlling arduino danger shield

duino Arduino framework for mad scientists

eco-server A data driven, UDP streamed Arduino robot for the 2014 Robot Challenge in Vienna, Austria.

eventduino Evented Arduino for Node.js

galileo-io Galileo IO

imp-client IMP client

leapduino Control Arduino components using the Leap Motion

leo Command line tool for building Arduino firmware using Node.js and Npm.

mavlink_ardupilotmega_v1.0 Implementation of the MAVLink protocol

node-ardx Exercises for exploring the Arduino Experimenter's kit using johnny-five

node-dweetio A node.js client for

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

nodecopter-remote build your own Arduino remote control and create commands for the Parrot AR Drone

noscmata Node OSC to Firmata

pcduino A node.js module for accessing the Arduino compatible pins on the pcDuino microcontroller.

pinoccio pinoccio api client.

rasp2c Node wrapper for the i2c-tools on a Raspberry PI

rf24 Well-behaved async wrapper around C++ RF24 library. Control nRF24L01+ wireless radio communications from a server with SPI/GPIO ports (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

ribbons.actuators.led LED as a Ribbons actuator.

ribbons.platforms.arduino Arduino as a Ribbons platform.

scop Library for the scopitone workshop

serialport2 node.js serial port driver.

skynet Skynet IoT network and API

spark-io Spark Core IO

udoo UDOO GPIO abstraction library for Node.js & command line tool. (callback, promise, and synchronous styles supported)

webduino Johnny-five based Web API for Aduino Programming

wiringpi nodejs wrapper for the wiringPi

yun-programmer Program Arduino Yun through Node.js

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