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aabb Axis-align bounding box

bart BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ETD Event Emitters

bart-api Api client for

flood-fill A simple 2D flood fill for use with ndarrays

geojson-area calculate the physical area of a geojson geometry

grunt-part-builder Grunt part builder helps creating big Grunt configuration by merging many parts. it permits complex build workflow

hubba-adapter-area Hubba web service adapter that defines an area of services.

magical-textarea magically resizes a textarea to match user input

members-area An area for members of a group to manage their subscription, permissions and resources.

members-area-banking OFX import/etc for the Members Area

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

pyramid Stacks objects based their area, bigger at the base, smaller at the top

screencalc Calculate data about any display (width, height, ratio, area, density, etc.)

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

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