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argchecker A command line options parser

argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

args.js Another argument parser for node.js

argtypes JavaScript function arguments type parser

arguer Normalizes arguments for JavaScript functions with optional arguments and provides optional typing.

argun Javascript function argument validation.

as-array Make any value an array

callbacker Parse the last argument in a function as the callback function

cardamom Experimental Coffeescript Prelude

chai-signature Chai.js extensions to help with function precondition testing.

chk The world's only javascript value checker

clap Command line argument parser

cli-command Command execution for cli programs

cli-define Chainable argument builder for a command line interface

comfort Comfort is a much better node.js commander solution for sub commands.

common-errors Common error classes and utility functions

docopt a command line option parser that will make you smile

envar Goes as high as environment (including npm config) and as low as command line options to find variable you've requested.

fl-optimist Forgotten Labors Initiative fork of

fnstuff Experimental function argument structure helper for Javascript/Coffeescript

function-signature A library for Javascript function signatures

get-parameter-names Retrieves parameter names from a function

kwargsjs Smart argument management for javascript

maat node.js argument validation made simple

manpage CLI manual helper and argument parser.

mapargs map function parameters to types

named-parameters A small and simple utility for working with named parameters. (I.e., for using maps as function arguments, rather than arrays.) Inspired by optimist.

new-command Simplifying defining commands and options by combining minimist, show-help, show-version modules

node-commandline Smart command line parser and handler for node js.

node-options Parse the command line arguments

object-parse A universal object parser for module settings and configuratiom with easy to manage and view option settings.

optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

parambulator A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters.

parameterjs Sinatra inspired web development framework

parameters Command line arguments parser and stringifier

pessimist Light-weight fork of 'optimist' for option parsing.

pledge A pretty little validation library for your browser and server.

raptor-args A concise command line arguments parser with robust type handling

scrub scrub arguments until they are clean

shell Full features and pretty console applications

subarg parse arguments with recursive contexts

uniformer returns a key-value object from combined config file/argv values.

vargs practical variable argument handling

vargs-callback Variable arguments and "The last is the callback" convention made without "var args = somehowParse(arguments)" surrogate.

yargs Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

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