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arg Simple arguments parser in 100 bytes

arg1 Function wrapper that only passes 1st argument to function

argnames print function arguments with original names

argp Command-line option parser

argparser object to parse commandline-args and options.

args Command line arguments parser

args-expect An tiny tool to make sure all arguments are as expected.

args-js Create javascript functions with optional, default and named paramaters.

args.js Another argument parser for node.js

argsarray get arguments to a function as an array, withouth deoptimizing

argsparser A tiny command line arguments parser

argstype Deep function arguments type check

argtypes JavaScript function arguments type parser

arguable Usage-first argument parser.

arguably Command line arguments parser

argue Describes signature of arguments passed to a function.

arguejs ArgueJS is a library that allows you to delightfully extend your methods's signatures with optional parameters, default values and type-checking.

argumentative Handle positional, named, and type-delimited arguments within coffeescript functions.

arguments-extended Utilities for working with arguments object

argumentum Option parser with generated usage and commands

arrg Unify arguments in the project

ary Clips function argument lengths.

asunder A small library useful for splitting apart callbacks by their arguments.

bind-right Bind function arguments from the right

caffeinated-parameters Handle positional, named, and type-delimited arguments within coffeescript functions.

cforce force enviroment or console variables to be present

check-types A tiny library for checking arguments and throwing exceptions.

chk The world's only javascript value checker

cli-argparse Lightweight argument parser

clt node.js comand line tools

command-router A simple CLI router for apps with sub-commands (like git)

construct Calls a constructor with an arbitrary number of arguments.

cynic A pedantic wrapper around substack's optimist module for Node.js.

dargs Converts an object of options into an array of command-line arguments. Useful when calling command-line tools.

dargs-object Fork of Converts an object of options into an array of command-line arguments. Useful when calling command-line tools. Now object-aware

davargs The args processor davglass uses in his CLI tools

defunc Default function arguments helper

deus functional arguments

elerium-commands Command line parsing tool

es6-default-params Function default parameters compiled to ES5.

extract-flags Extract command-line arguments from a list, removing matches from the original array

extract-opts Extract the options and callback from a function's arguments easily

figc Merge config files with command-line arguments

flat-arguments Flatten a function's argument. Like, really flatten

flatconfig Simple node.js config file and arguments parser.

fn-args Get the arguments of a function

fnoverload Help library for function overloading in JavaScript

fnutils Collection of utils for Functions

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

function-to-string Extract parameters and body of a function into strings

funny Funny, a jolly helper for functions.

funs function building library that provides argument parsing and sanitization

getargs Utility to handle optional arguments and argument type checking.

getargv argv manager

hashargs A decorator utility that allows any function to be called with a hash of named arguments.

instantiate Instantiate a Javascript Object from an array of arguments or from arguments

introspect A fast and powerful Function introspection

is-args Quickly check if a variable is an Arguments object

is-arguments Is this an arguments object? It's a harder question than you think.

jargvy Command line args parser

just-args really, nothing special, just a cleaned up process.argv

keyf key formatter based on a function's arguments

kwargsjs Smart argument management for javascript

lineparser A meta-data driven command line parser for Node.js

mingle function operations, composition, and interpolation in JavaScript

named simple wrapper for generating functions with named parameters

named-argv a simple node module that helps passing named arguments

named-parameters A small and simple utility for working with named parameters. (I.e., for using maps as function arguments, rather than arrays.) Inspired by optimist.

nary Force a maximum function arity

negative1 Ensure the last parameter to your method is a callback

nomnom Option parser with generated usage and commands

normalize-arguments Normalize arguments almost like for overloaded methods (not really)

optargs An optional arguments parser for javascript functions.

optify Generates a combination matrix from a set of options key/value pairs.

options-parser A full-featured no-nonsense command line parser with no external dependencies

overloading Define complex overloading strategies for functions.

parg Parse arguments with ease

quack Check the values of passed arguments in a function - see if they quack like a duck.

readit Expect a filename argument, reads its content and returns it.

rearg JavaScript library for managing your functions arguments

request-arguments-parser retrieve express request arguments whether they are in GET, POST or JSON body params

sanitize-arguments Easily check function arguments

scrub scrub arguments until they are clean

sexy-args A sexy DSL for parsing the arguments passed into functions.

shuffler Allows you to swap around the order of a function's arguments by index.

simplator A simple, but fast, compilable string template

simpleargs Simple Arguments processing for Node.js

simplegammon Simple Backgammon game model, board model, evaluation

slice-arguments slice arguments and common helpers

sliced A faster Node.js alternative to

spread-args Makes functions that expect multiple arguments accept a single array instead.

string-template A simple string template function based on named or indexed arguments

swizzle Change the order of a function's parameters

va Helper function for javascript varargs.

vargs practical variable argument handling

vargs-callback Variable arguments and "The last is the callback" convention made without "var args = somehowParse(arguments)" surrogate.

variadic A JavaScript utility for creating variadic functions

variadic.js A JavaScript library for expressive variadic functions

varity A simple wrapper to make variable length arities easier to manage

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