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argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

argsplit Split a string of arguments into an array

arguments Yet Another command-line parser for node.js

argv CLI Argument Parser

argv-parser Argv-parser is a small and simple node.js module to parser `process.argv`.

attrs.argv process.argv(or etc cli arguments style array) parser to named object.

child_process_with_argv0 Versions of execFile and spawn which allow you to supply an argv[0] other than the executed filename

clean clean parses and santitize argv or options for node, supporting fully extendable types, shorthands, validatiors and setters.

cltags Lightweight library for parsing process.argv

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

cmd-argv Commandline Argument Parser

comfort Comfort is a much better node.js commander solution for sub commands.

configa app configuration management for node.js

cynic A pedantic wrapper around substack's optimist module for Node.js.

electron A simple command-line interface framework for node.js.

extra parse extra arguments to a command after "--"

figc Merge config files with command-line arguments

getargv argv manager

gnu-argv An unintrusive, easy-to-use ARGV parser that's compliant with GNU's Program Argument Syntax Conventions.

jargvy Command line args parser

just-args really, nothing special, just a cleaned up process.argv

minimist parse argument options

obj-to-argv Takes an object and spits out the argv/args array as libraries like optimist would expect it.

object-parse A universal object parser for module settings and configuratiom with easy to manage and view option settings.

ocl A git-style command parser for Optimist: the Optimist Command Loader.

optimist-phantomjs Optimist for phantomjs.

realist micro framework for developing command line apps

spawn-args Turn a string of command line options into an array for child_process.spawn

v8-argv Proxy v8 argv (including harmony) to v8/node while forwarding the remaining arguments to a custom script.

yapp Yet Another Param Parser for CLI program argv params

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