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domqueryall return queryselectorall as an array

dotnotater Given a dotnotation and an object it returns the portion of the object specifed by the dotnotation

dotsplit.js Transform dot (`.`) delimited strings to array of strings for Node.js and the browser.

drainer Queue and drain an array of functions in series

dress missing javascript prototypes(experimental)

drop-while Returns an array of the items in coll starting from the first item for which pred(item) logical false, i.e. false, null, undefined

dtype Return a data type from a string representing the type

dup Initialize an array of arrays to a constant

each Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function

each-async Async concurrent iterator

es6 Shim to provide ECMAScript 6 Harmony implementation

es6-comprehensions Array comprehensions compiled to ES5.

es6-iterator Iterator abstraction based on ES6 specification

express-group Group express routes and middleware

extend-array Extend (prototype) the Array object with new features.

fantasy-seqs Homogenous array sequence data structure.

find-insert-index Find the index to insert an element in array keeping the sort order.

find2 Array find first value utility

first-match Find the first element in an array that passes a callback test. Equivalent to underscore.find()

first-n Gets the first `n` items of an array.

fixed-array A small utility for storing and working with a fixed-length history of (ususally numeric) values.

flat-glob Return glob applied and flattened version of the given array

flatdom A flat array representation of DOM data

flatten-list Flatten an array or array-like objects

flattenr.js Flattens a nested JSON objects to be more safe use.

float-bits Pulls out the bits from floating point numbers

fromjs Powerful LINQ engine for JavaScript

fudi 101 ways to encode/decode FUDI

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

funcy_perm Create combinations by applying a function to all possible combinations of an array.

gammautils Lots of utilities for Node.js

generic-slice method for TypedArrays, Buffers and Arguments

get-closest Compare your item to items in an array and get the closest one.

gl-buffer WebGL buffer wrapper

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

gridlayer makes an array of arrays matrix out of x,y values

groups-of Divides arrays or strings into sub-groups of a given cardinality

grunt-php-to-json Convert PHP-array files to JSON-files

gulp-funnel Join streams into an array

hash-array hashify array and get element by its key

hashmap HashMap Class for JavaScript

haskell Lambda functions and functional programming for javascript

highland-array (Node.js) Extend the native Array with the methods that work with Highland (a JS stream lib).

image2pixels Opens and converts image to pixels

index-of-js mdn Array#prototyp#indexOf

indexed-map An enhanced map that supports easy insertion or deletion at specific position. Give access to entries by index or key. Can be used instead of a linked list.

indexof Microsoft sucks

indexof-component Microsoft sucks

indicesof Just like indexOf(), but returns an array of all occurrences.

ink-collector *ink-probe* allows you to interrogate your objects and arrays

ink-probe *ink-probe* allows you to interrogate your objects and arrays

inorder-tree-layout Index calculations for inorder layout of balanced binary trees

insert-at Simple Underscore.js mixin to insert elements into an array at specific points

intersect Find the intersection of two arrays

intersperse Add an object to an array between each element

iota-array Generates an array of consecutive integers starting at 0

is-array Check if the given value is an Array

is-empty Check whether a value is empty.

is-little-endian Checks if your system is little endian

isarray Array#isArray for older browsers

isndarray Returns boolean whether the argument is a ndarray

izzy A robust micro library for type checking. Defers to constructs' internal `[[Class]]` property rather than duck typing for excellent type detection and to avoid triggering false positives.

jarr.js An extended Javascript ARRray like object with methods to create chainable queries. Simplify your code by removing those 'for' loops.

javascript-natural-sort Natural Sort algorithm for Javascript - Version 0.7 - Released under MIT license

jdat A wrapper for an array of models with a JQuery like syntax

jqb-extend object extend utility

jqb-isarray define if a given input is an array

jqb-random randomization library

js-array-extensions It is an array extensions that can be used javascript and node.js.

js-array-iterator Simple JavaScript Array Iterator, using next() and Events.

js-methods JS-methods for JavaScript bundles a lot of extensions to the language's core classes to simplify development for the browser or for Node.js. This extensions doesn't depend on any other code or overwrite existing methods.

json-hash JSON hash

json-type find out what type is the json is.

jsons Transform stream for parsing and stringifying JSON

JSUS JavaScript UtilS. Extended functional programming support. JSUS helps!

judy Judy Arrays Implemented in Node.js

k-hash Generic k-way indepenent hash function

key-remap Remaps a values from an object to specified keys.

keypath Access values in nested properties and arrays using a keypath.

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

keysort Sorts an Array of Objects with SQL ORDER BY clause

lazy-property Lazily initialized properties for objects

level-array The array datatype inside a LevelDB.

linkedlist Array like linked list with iterator

listify Turn an array into a list of comma-separated values, appropriate for use in an English sentence.

live-arrays Observable arrays with live data binding, callbacks for data transformation, and callbacks for any modification

lower-bound Finds the first item in an array greater than or equal to a given value

lsb Hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array/image

lseqarray A data structure for distributed arrays using the LSEQ allocation strategy.

maddy A functional object operations library.

makearray dom selector to array for ie8

mantaray Javascript array with change notifications.

mapconcat Returns the result of applying concat to the result of applying a function to values.

mapkeep Returns an array of the non-null results of fn(item, index). This means false return values will be included.

mekanika-utils-each Functional style immutable collection iterator `each( fn, collection )`

memcpy Copies data between node Buffers and/or ArrayBuffers up to ~75 times faster than in pure JS.

mergesort Sort an array using the merge-sort algorithm.

mess Mess is Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm implementation for node.js

modelarray data models array

mongoose-access-gen A little mongoose-plugin for generating array property adders and deleters

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