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ascii convert jpg/png/gif to ascii arts based on node-canvas

ascii-art A package for ansi codes, figlet fonts, and ascii art

ascii-art-reverse reverses ascii art. caution, uses magic.

ascii-chart Ascii bar chart

ascii-frames Create ASCII animations in Terminal using ASCII frames.

ascii-histogram Ascii histograms

ascii-json Generates ASCII-only JSON with escaped non-ASCII chracters.

ascii-table Easy tables for your console data

ascii-webkit A retro ascii renderer for WebKit.

asciify Plain text awesomizer. A hybrid npm module and CLI for turning plain text into ascii art.

asciify-string Convert a unicode string to a readable ascii-only string.

asciimo create awesome ascii art with javascript! works in node.js or the browser.

asciitable Render tables in text for tabular terminal fun times!

ascli A uniform foundation for unobtrusive (ASCII art in) cli apps.

ascolor a simple ascii color library

babar CLI bar charts

clark ASCII sparklines in coffeescript. Based on 'spark' for shell.

cli-mandelbrot A command line viewer of the Mandelbrot set

convert-text-table Convert ascii tables to json arrays

couleurs Convert any string to the nearest Terminal color using x256 library.

cowsay cowsay is a configurable talking cow

curator-cli Terminal version for

epitaph errors, in memoriam

escapes.js nodejs version of escapes.js to write ansii art png files

figlet Creates ASCII Art from text. A full implementation of the FIGfont spec.

figlet-cli Command line interface for the FIGlet.js library.

fonts Cool looking fonts for the console!

function-graph Easily draw function graphs via NodeJS in Terminal.

grunt-asciify Ascii awesomizer. A Grunt task for better banners and hot logs

grunt-cat Echo a file to the terminal. Works with text, figlets, ascii art, and full-color ansi.

grunt-cowsay Cowsay for grunt.

hubot-ascii-faces Bring ASCII faces to your Hubot-powered chat rooms.

hubot-cool-ascii-faces Hubot script that displays cool ascii faces

image-to-ascii Node.js module that converts a PNG image to ASCII art.

jasciimo create awesome ascii art with javascript! works in node.js or the browser.

jonah hex to ascii, and ascii to hex.

jp2a A node wrapper for the jp2a CLI tool

memcached-stream High performance streaming memcached ascii parser.

munge a tiny node module to munge any strings. useful if you want to obfuscate email addresses to valid, numeric html entities.

native2ascii native2ascii

ngraph.ascii a small toy to render graph with text

node-figlet Ascii art for node

non-ascii Regular expression for matching non-ASCII characters

o3o a ascii emoticon generator based on Node.js

overlap Overlap two strings that contain new lines. Useful for ASCII drawings, for example.

pipe-table Feed me data and I'll poop out a table.

qrcode-console QRCodes, in the console

qrcode-terminal QRCodes, in the terminal

random-ascii Generate strings of random ASCII characters

random-stream Random ASCII source stream for experimentation and testing. Trivial, silly and sometimes useful.

randumb Generate a random alphanumeric ASCII character string

remove-unprintable Return a new string with all unprintable characters removed

stl2json Convert binary|ascii stl data into json on the command line

stringex String extensions library for node.js

tablify Quick and painless printing of tabular data

term-canvas Terminal canvas api written with node.js

text-animation Create beautiful ASCII text animations using NodeJS.

text-table borderless text tables with alignment

textspark Text sparklines

transliterator Turn strings that contain cyrillic characters into ascii compliant text

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

typo-ascii Typo-ascii is a typo plugin to draw ascii art of several kinds of styles in CLI.

undress Normalize accented unicode code points.

visible Print whitespace and non-ASCII characters in a stream. Like cat -v.

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