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csp-channel CSP channels for javascript

ctrl Simplifies asynchronous control flow in javascript making making parallel code, synchronous code, and error handling simple

cue A sensible async flow-control library.

cut Aspect-oriented (AOP) helper for sync or async code

d.js a tiny promise/A+ library

dank-amap An asynchronous map function for node which can map over anything with rate limiting

dank-do-while An asynchronous do-while-like function

dank-queue A versatile async flow control module

david022681 node-ttucsc 大同大學資訊創意研究社 node.js 課程

davy Promises/A+ implementation

dead-simple-promises promises with very simple semantics and high performance

deasync Turns async function into sync via JavaScript wrapper of Node event loop

deferrable Callback indirection for JavaScript

deferred Modular and fast Promises implementation

deferred-open Make methods wait for async constructors.

deferred-stream A deferred stream, useful for async operations.

dendrite An extended Observer pattern implementation, worked at any JavaScript environment

desync wrap a synchronous function in an async one

dictionaryjs A simple dictionary wrapper for JavaScript objects providing associative array functionality and helpful methods. Methods include: get, set, getDefault, remove, has, size, empty, asyncEmpty, forEach, and asyncForEach.

dida A setInterval interface for async method.

disect Bisection helper for javascript

dispatch.js Coroutine-based execution machinery for ES6

do The simplest way to manage callbacks.

docmod Document Models

doctape Asynchronous calls against the doctape API

drainer Queue and drain an array of functions in series

drainer-parallel Queue and drain an array of functions in parallel

drews-mixins A couple underscore.js mixins

dsjslib Implementation of commonly used datastructures and utilities in Javascript.

dt-browser Δt browser render logic for adapters - async & dynamic templating engine

dt-compiler Δt compiler - async & dynamic templating engine compiler

dt-dom Δt dom adapter - async & dynamic templating engine

dt-jquery Δt jquery adapter - async & dynamic templating engine

dt-list Δt list controller - async & dynamic templating engine

dt-selector Δt selector engine - async & dynamic templating engine

dt-stream Δt stream adapter - async & dynamic templating engine

during Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays

dynamictemplate Δt - async & dynamic templating engine

dynmod Node module loader (e.g. replacement for the 'require' command for npm packages) with auto-install support and ability to handle multiple versions

each-async Async concurrent iterator

eachline Streams2 line reader

eachtick Non-blocking asynchronous iteration for Node.js and the browser.

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

emit-async Async event emitter for EventEmitter

enrich-stream A stream that enables asynchronous enrichment of data with concurrency control while preserving FIFO ordering.

eos a truly asynchronous ODBC library for node.js

esync Dirt simple solution to async event listeners

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

evented-async Event-driven extensions to the Node.js async library

eventemittercollector An implementation of EventEmitter that allows you to collect the listeners' results

ewait WaitForAll and WaitForAny on EventEmitter.

exp-backoff Simple asynchronous exponential backoff util for Node.js and CommonJS

f-queue fqueue is a micro-plugin to queue function execution to handle asyncronous flow and stepping though functions. So you save yourself with ugly callbacks and can make your code more preety.

fa fluent async: functional programming support for asynchronous functions.

faithful Like Async, but employing promises.

fall Another experimental series and parallel control flow node library

fantasy-async Wrap Node.js callback functions in functional promises

fantasy-promises Fantasy Land compatible monadic promises

fastemitter A fast implementation of the node EventEmitter core module

fibers Cooperative multi-tasking for Javascript

fibers-augment Augment objects/namespaces to use fibers.

fibrous Easily mix asynchronous and synchronous programming styles in node.js

fiforce Ensure FIFO ordering of asynchronous calls

fila Queue for asynchronous tasks

fills ordered callback results accumulator

finish Provides a single callback for multiple asynchronous calls

first A tiny control-flow library for node

flexcache flexible cacher for async functions and event emitters with switchable backends. redis/memory

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

flow_js A very simple way to wait for asynchronous processes

flow-coffee Javascript Library for Multi-step Asynchronous Logic

flow-control Turns asynchronous function into synchronous

flow.js a asynchronous-asynchronous flow control library which runs on node and in browsers

fluent-async Fluent interface to Async Auto from Caolan

fluid Create fluent interfaces, inline, around any object, allowing simple chained async method calls.

flux-link Callback chaining library to improve control flow in async-heavy programs.

fmd Factory Module Definition a simple factory module wrapper (Node, AMD, Browser, ...).

fnflow Pronounced "effin' flow" because it's so badass, fnFlow is a Javascript control flow library heavily influenced by Caolan McMahon's async that encourages a proper functional design pattern.

fnq [Function Queue] - Queue functions to be run in guaranteed order (async)

fnqueue A powerful utility for function chaining

forallasync Like forEachAsync and Join had a baby: sequences out n batches of async functions rather than all at once. Part of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, Pakmanager)

forAsync True Asynchronous Loop Functions

foreachasync A node- and browser-ready async counterpart of Array.prototype.forEach

forEachAsync A node- and browser-ready async counterpart of Array.prototype.forEach

fractal-object Implementation of an object with a fractal representation

freeflow Similar to, but offers partial calculation and different interface.

freeform a small asynchronous task order manager

fs-traverse Utility functions to recursively traverse directories (asynchronously and synchronously) triggering the provided callback (optionally filtering filenames by a regex)

fsmjs State machines are back

ftp-response-parser Parser for FTP server responses

Fuell A library for purely declarative functional programming with support for async actions

FuellTest A robust testing library for CoffeeScript/JavaScript which simplifies testing features after implementation and introduces simple testing model of asynchronous functions

func-invoke Functional helper for invoking methon on instance, sync and async

func-prop Functional helper for getting a prop on an object, sync and async

func-sequence the lite sequence for the execution of function

funcflow Simplifies asynchronous control flow in javascript making making parallel code, synchronous code, and error handling simple

funflow powerful async control-flow based on a data-flow-graph of functions

Fury A library of higher order functions for function composing, overloading, asynchronicity and other

future The promise / subscribe / deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

future-stream Delay the emission of stream events until a future condition is true

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