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gate An utility to await multiple asynchronous calls in Node environment

gatherer Fire a callback when a whole bunch of other callbacks are complete

gen-run Generator Async Runner. Makes it possible to yield and wait for callbacks and thunks.

gene A generator-based control-flow library.

genji Writing reusable, modular and flexible node.js applications made easy.

genny A tiny ES6 (harmony) library for node 0.11.2+ that helps you use generators with node style callbacks.

genzen Zen for Generators

give-me A simple js library to manage deferred functions with a callbacks-style syntax

go-flow Simple flow control library inspired by step and ff

gochan golang inspired channels for doing CSP-style concurrency in node.js

gonna callback trigger for testing

good-job A simple way to write complex asynchronous code.

grewpy A simple flow control library for node.js for executing multiple functions as a group, a chain, or distributed over a number of workers. Each will call back when all functions have finished.

grouped-queue In memory queue system prioritizing tasks

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-bg-shell Better shell commands for grunt. Background/parallel run

grunt-dev-exitprocess The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-promise-q Write asynchronous grunt tasks with Q promises.

grunt-qc 基于grunt修改,支持目录递归[XX/~.js]

guard Trivial guard: triggers callback when internal counter reaches 0.

guinan Need help with Q? Ask Guinan. An inspector panel for debugging Q promises.

guvna A simple bit of code to manage the concurrency of a function. Very useful in limiting the number of asynch calls in a loop.

h5.step Flow control for node.js and the browser.

handlebars-async Make Handlebars async

happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.

haz Determines if a program exists in the PATH environment variable. Cross platform, including support for checking likely executable file extensions on Windows. Available in synchronous and asynchronous versions.

hc Human-friendly configuration tools

herder A functional programming kit for building evented execution engines that can tame async calls, with optional state machine.

hold Ensures async function is only called once and caches results for other calls.

hostess async by depencency

hurry invokes a function if it's taking too long

iai-flow Tiny utility to define those methods that effectively are aynchronous operation sequences (aka asynchronous code flows). Sometimes code must be complex, but never should be unredable.

ibrick.js Simple bootstrap for hook based

ignite An easy-to-use async programming framework inspired by UML2 state machines.

increment-fire A simple way of keeping track of asynchronous events.

inode inode is a better interactive shell

instinct Lightweight dependency solver for asynchronous JavaScript.

into Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays

iou A JavaScript promise API.

irelia Node.js League of Legends API Wrapper

is-async Simple library for guessing if a function is async

isg-events Synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform library for organizing events.

isg-types Free typification built on isg-events module.

it A testing framework for node

iter Serial & Parallel Iteration

jam JAM your async calls together *faster*

jasmine-as-promised Extensions to Jasmine unit testing to transparently support Promises in async testing scenarios

jasmine-waits-for-callback Allows jasmine waitsFor blocks to take 1 or more callbacks

jazzmine jassmine testsuite with support for async and require modules

jglr simple asynchronous batch-file processing framework

jobmanager Simple async job manager. Allows you to execute serial or parallel jobs.

jock Jock is a sync execution chain based FSM.

join The join / synchronize module of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, and Pakmanager)

jonas Monad and Reactive Programming for JavaScript, leveraging Q promises

jr A job runner with support for asynchrony and dependencies.

js-csp CSP channels with ES6 generators, inspired by Clojurescript's core.async and Go

js-flow Asynchronous Flow Programming Library for Node.js

jscex-jquery Async/Await support for jQuery 1.5+

jscexify Jscexify all nodejs async API.

jschannels A minimal JavaScript Channels library, inspired by Clojure's core.async library

jsconfig async configuration loader with cli support

jsee A simple control flow solution, easily create chainable functions

jsftp A sane FTP client implementation for NodeJS

jsfu Improve your Javascript fu with language extensions

jsonp-client jsonp minimal client for the browser (1.4K) and Node.js

jsonraver An easy-to-use Node.js utility module for performing multiple async GET requests to third party JSON web services simultaneously through a simple API with batch-request functionality.

JSONStream rawStream.pipe(JSONStream.parse()).pipe(streamOfObjects)

jsxlsx_async a simple javascript libray to read xlsx file asynchronously

kanban Kanban is a node.js control-flow library. As the Japanese methodology, it is pull-based.

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

lash Small simple serial async stack

last A small helper for getting only the last result of an asynchronous operation you perform multiple times in a row.

lasync An simple and tiny async library

lateral Like forEachAsync and Join had a baby: sequences out n batches of async functions rather than all at once. Part of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, Pakmanager)

lazy-functions Grow your node.js project with less effort

leap leap is a simple flow-control tool for coffee-script

legendary Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async.

lei-pipe pipe

liar A modular collection of tools for asynchronous programing via promises

lie A minimal and fast promise implementation

lie-all all of the lies

lie-any any lie will do

lie-apply apply a lie

lie-cast cast a lie

lie-denodify turn a node style callback into a promise based one

lie-every every goddman lie

lie-filter filter out the lies

lie-fold fold all of the lies

lie-iter iterate over some lies

lie-lfold fold all of the lies

lie-map map all the lies

lie-parallel tparallel lies

lie-quickeach quickly lie to each of them

lie-quickmap quickly map all the lies

lie-race the race is a lie

lie-reject reject all the lies

lie-resolve resove a lie

lie-rfold fold all of the lies from the right

lie-some lie some why don't you

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