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accumasync accumulate values asynchronously

aitch Toolkit for constructing hypertext service clients.

ajector Asynchronous dependency injector

ake A build tool

alagator Write algorithms that can be re-used for synchronous and asynchronous code

amulet As-soon-as-possible streaming async mustache templating

area An improved async-job counter

Array.prototype.forEachAsync The Array.prototype.forEachAsync module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

asflow Asynchronous flow control library for JavaScript and Nodejs

astack Tool for writing sequences of asynchronous functions.

asyn Asynchronous for normal people

async-emitter Non-blocking event emitter

async-mini Common patterns for asynchronous code, minimalistic version

async2 Better async utilities for node and the browser

asyncify The asyncify deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

atry Asynchronous try-catch based on Node.JS domain module

avow Example Promises/A+ implementation. Simple, tiny, fast, fully async

await Set-theoretical promises

await-stream A stream which emits when each constituent stream has emitted.

azinc Simple Async Handling Library

beyo-i18n Internationalisation module for Node.js with plural forms and paramater subtitutions.

beyo-model A module to define models.

bifocals A node.js view built to organize asynchronous sub views on top of any rendering engine

bork A simple task queuing library, and pet project of the owner.

branches Node.js flow control system for promises

bredele-doors Door asynchronous pattern

bsync-fibers Extremely easy fibers/futures library (using node-fibers). Also wraps caolan/async functions for better fiber-ized syntax.

btree asynchronous copy-on-write btree

cadence A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for highly-parallel control flows.

callback Expressive, terse, functions for aynchronous and callback functions

callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments

cassie Simple Promise library for JS.

chain A microframework for handling async JS

chainify The chainify module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

chainr flow control library with a chaining interface, inspired by node-seq by substack

checklist A simple checklist for merging asynchronous activity

clock Indicate and co-ordinate time events

clues Lightweight dependency solver for aync functions, using promises.

coffy-script CoffeeScript with a Y.

concurrency A way to achieve concurrency running multiple tasks

conduit A event system for the browser that also runs server side in Node.js.

contra Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it

covenant Covenant is a tight and performant Promises/A+ implementation written in Coffeescript. Covenant passes the Promises/A+ Test Suite (Version 1.1).

create-api Create APIs the connect asynchronously to the web

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

cspjs A macro for easing programming with async Javascript APIs

dank-amap An asynchronous map function for node which can map over anything with rate limiting

data.future A monad for time-dependant values, providing explicit effects for delayed computations, latency, etc.

deadunit-core The core for deadunit - a dead-simple nestable unit testing library for javascript in node.js and the browser.

deferred Modular and fast Promises implementation

deferred-queue Series control flow library

define An AMD wrapper for Node modules

drews-mixins A couple underscore.js mixins

dropletjs.sequencer DropletJS.Sequencer executes JavaScript functions in a specified order, waiting for one to finish before executing the next.

dynmod Node module loader (e.g. replacement for the 'require' command for npm packages) with auto-install support and ability to handle multiple versions

each Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function

each-async Async concurrent iterator

eachline Streams2 line reader

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

enrich-stream A stream that enables asynchronous enrichment of data with concurrency control while preserving FIFO ordering.

express-notemplate Express view engine, merges data into DOM using plain JS

f-queue fqueue is a micro-plugin to queue function execution to handle asyncronous flow and stepping though functions. So you save yourself with ugly callbacks and can make your code more preety.

fantasy-promises Fantasy Land compatible monadic promises

first A tiny control-flow library for node

flex-events A powerful, flexible and highly customizable event system for JavaScript. Supports all browsers and Node.js.

flow.js a asynchronous-asynchronous flow control library which runs on node and in browsers

forallasync Like forEachAsync and Join had a baby: sequences out n batches of async functions rather than all at once. Part of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, Pakmanager)

forAsync True Asynchronous Loop Functions

freeform a small asynchronous task order manager

future The promise / subscribe / deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

future-stream Delay the emission of stream events until a future condition is true

futures An async flow-control library for JavaScript (Browser and NodeJS)

futurism Fast, sorta-sane and impure monadic Promise implementation.

fw Tiny library for asynchronous control-flow in JavaScript

go-flow Simple flow control library inspired by step and ff

google-maps Wrapper for asynchronously used Google Maps API

grunt-vows-runner An alternative test-runner for vows using grunt. Adds new capabilities such as running test suites concurrently.

gulag Parallell and serial asynchronous job management

guvna A simple bit of code to manage the concurrency of a function. Very useful in limiting the number of asynch calls in a loop.

happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.

heya-async Asynchronous utilities: promises, deferreds.

heya-events Events.

iai-flow Tiny utility to define those methods that effectively are aynchronous operation sequences (aka asynchronous code flows). Sometimes code must be complex, but never should be unredable.

ifthen Facilitate if-then-else-finally structure in asynchronous callbacks

image-loadr Asynchronous image loader

increment-fire A simple way of keeping track of asynchronous events.

instinct Lightweight dependency solver for asynchronous JavaScript.

iroute High performance nodejs route with c++

jasmine-async-errors Jasmine-oriented domain wrapper to catch those nasty asynchronous errors in your tests

jasync Javascript asynchronous programming library

join The join / synchronize module of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, and Pakmanager)

jonas Monad and Reactive Programming for JavaScript, leveraging Q promises

jscexify Jscexify all nodejs async API.

jschain Chain style sequentially programming for Javascript asynchronous jobs.

jspipe JS/Pipe - coordinating asynchronous code without callbacks or chained functions

kiwi Simple, modular, fast and lightweight template engine, based on jQuery templates syntax.

kontrol Make easier the use of events

laeh Lightweight Asynchronous Error Handling

laeh2 Lightweight Asynchronous Error Handling v2

lasso Asynchronous control flow library for JavaScript.

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