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linotype A template driven asynchronous CMS for Node.js

local-version A "package.json" version number fetcher for local Node module installations. Async and sync.

loop The promise / subscribe / deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

marble Asynchronous indentation based template engine for coffee-script

mayo Asynchronous template engine with coffeescript support

memo Sophisticated function memoization

mini-async Minimalist asynchronous javascript flow control

miniq Yet another tiny async control flow library, implements parallelLimit, with the ability to share the concurrency-limited queue.

mods mods is an evented module system for Node.js.

mojito-pipeline A pipelining processor to render asynchronous page models in mojito

monkeybars Task library that provides a simple structure for handling singular, sequential and parallel units of code.

n3 Lightning fast, asynchronous, streaming Turtle / N3 / RDF library.

neo4j-js A Node.js (pure JavaScript) client library for accessing neo4j databases with batch support.

neorm [IN VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT] A Neo4j ORM for Node.js with syntax inspired by Mongoose.

nepl nepl supports asynchronous and reliable connection protocol

next-done It's just countdowns your callbacks.

nextflow A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers.

nicely a minimalist asynchronous handler, inspired by _.after from underscore.

noblemachine NodeJS implementation of a finite-state machine with added conventions to make asynchronous coding less painful

noblerecord Asynchronous NodeJS ORM library inspired by Rails

node-dir asynchronous file and directory operations for Node.js

node-dm Asynchronous Dependency Injection Manager for Node.JS

nodent NoDent - Asynchronous Javascript language extensions

nok-promise Lightweight JavaScript Promise

packet Pure JavaScript evented binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

paddle You are up a creek; here is your paddle. Paddle provides a way ensuring that JS asynchronous callbacks are actually ran, or calls a provided error function upon timeout.

padlock Padlock works to prevent unexpected code execution when dealing with asynchronous callbacks without blocking. Call a function with lock to execute it as soon as a lock can be attained, and unlock it at all of your possible callback end-points. Use the same lock on other functions that you don't want to interrupt. Code will execute in order as the lock can be acquired.

paws a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

paws.js a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

plane A pure asynchronous Framework based on nodejs module 'events' let you play the code

polyflow A flow-based programming framework

postscribe Asynchronously write javascript, even with document.write.

predicament asynchronous boolean logic and If-Then-Else branching

predis Redis interface with promises

promise-matchers Custom jasmine matchers for testing asynchronous javascript Promises/A+ compliant implementation in object-oriented CoffeeScript

proxy_harvester Harvester, Asynchronous Proxy/Address test and automation tool

pyramid-breaker Sugar syntax to break the hell of pyramid code when dealing with asynchronous callbacks.

q-injector Lightweight asynchronous promise-based dependency injector

qcnode The QuickConnect Framework for Node.js

queue-async A little helper for asynchronous JavaScript.

quiz Another simple test framework.

reactor Minimalist routing engine for use in browser and on server.

recursive-fs Asynchronous recursive file system operations.

redis_message_capsule Send messages between node or rails apps asynchronously (via redis).

register A CGI-like router that maps URLs to JavaScript layed out on a file system.

reiterate Construct JSON object trees recursively, asynchronously to join data from multiple data sources.

relay relay offers three higher order functions to control flow of “node.js-style” functions – chain, combine and parallel.

riverjs-event-sequence a tool for handling serial and parallel asynchronous event quene.

rods-node-util A collection of small utility methods.

rods-util A collection of small utility methods.

run-auto Determine the best order for running async functions, and run them

run-parallel Run an array of functions in parallel

run-series Run an array of functions in series

safe-async Provides a standard interface for async APIs that supports promises, callbacks and catches errors properly.

script-load Given a URL, asynchronously load a script in the browser.

seq Chainable asynchronous flow control with sequential and parallel primitives and pipeline-style error handling

sequence Execute async code in chronological order. The sequence module of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, and Pakmanager)

serial Serial and parallel runner for asynchronous functions

serialize A simple node utility to serialize execution of asynchronous functions

shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js

signal A minimalist event library for web applications.

simple-async Light and simple Javascript library to async methods in series/parallel

simpleasync Simple flow library to chain and run functions with asynchronous calls

simpleflow Simple flow library to chain and run functions with asynchronous calls

simpleinvoke Chained invocation of functions with callbacks

slurp a lightweight asynchronous dependency injector

spasm Spasm: super primitive asynchronous state machine

spurt A function to iterate over items with asynchronous calls synchronously.

ssasync Asynchronous helpers for node.js

standalone Creates an isolated thread / process in JavaScript (Node.js and modern browsers)

starx Generator executor for ECMAScript 6

stencil Asynchronous HTML5 and XML templates for Node.js and the browser.

stencil-js Async JavaScript Templating

stepc A CoffeeScript-safe version of creationix' step

stepify Executing nodejs asynchronous tasks by steps chain

steply asynchronous promise-like function sequencing for dummies (like me)

steps Makes async programming manageable (dare I say delightful?) without wasting horizontal space.

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

streamz A Swiss-army-knife of a stream

surfacecurve-async coordinate asynchronous control flow (yet another such library)

suspenders Asynchronous remote function call framework built on top of SockJS

switch Zero dependency routing for the browser and Node.js.

switchboard Event listener for the browser and node.js for composite events (i.e., will not trigger until several specified events occur).

sync-please Make asynchronous functions synchronous

synchro execute asynchronous callbacks in sequence

synchronized Ensure that some code always executes exclusively, in the order it is called

syncqueue A simple queue written in JavaScript which runs asynchronous jobs in order as if they were synchronous.

tar-async Asynchronous tar and untar

tasync Time-aware async programming library (stack traces across callbacks)

testing Simple asynchronous testing framework. Never again count your asserts! This tiny testing library is fully callback-based and has a rich API for asserts.

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

thywill A Node.js clustered framework for single page web applications based on asynchronous messaging.

timeoutset a small module that reverses the argument order of `setTimeout` and `setInterval`

toddick An Erlang like framework for asynchronous programming in node.js.

toffee-script CoffeeScript with asynchronous syntax and additional features

tubejs asynchronous Concurrent messaging

udt A pure JavaScript implementation of UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol.

underscore.deferred jQuery style Deferreds

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