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atomify Atomic web development - Combining the power of npm, Browserify, Rework and more to build small, fully encapsulated client side modules

atomify-cli A CLI for Atomify

atomify-css Atomic CSS - Reusable front-end styling using Rework, plugins, and Node's resolve algorithm

atomify-js Atomic JavaScript - Reusable front-end modules using Browserify, transforms, and templates

normalizecss Normalize.css as a node packaged module

resrcify resrcify ========

ribcage-back-button A back menu button for ribcage

ribcage-button A button for ribcage

ribcage-hamburger-button A hamburger menu button for ribcage

ribcage-ios-nav-button An ios7-style navbar button for ribcage

ribcage-top-bar A fixed top bar for your app. Use in modals or as a direct child of the body element.

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