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atropa-arrays JavaScript utilities for handling arrays.

atropa-cmd Utilities for executing commandlines.

atropa-exists Utilities for checking the existence of files and folders.

atropa-formdata-generator Generates a function to produce FormData objects based on a given HTML form.

atropa-header Contains JavaScript utility functions for environment tests and support queries.

atropa-ide An ide for web development using ckeditor and ace.

atropa-inject Contains tools for injecting elements and assemblies into web pages.

atropa-inquire Container for JavaScript functions that test the state of inputs.

atropa-is-empty Tells you if the value is empty. Empty values are '', undefined, null, [], {}, and objects with no enumerable properties.

atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html A node module to generate Jasmine Spec Runner html pages.

atropa-jsformatter A node module to pretty print JavaScript source code.

atropa-jslint A node module wrapper for jslint.

atropa-mustache-comb A utility wrapper around mustache.

atropa-objects JavaScript utilities for handling objects.

atropa-package-generator A node.js module for generating templated files and directory structures without gettting heavy with configs and strange language.

atropa-random JavaScript module that provides random strings and numbers.

atropa-regex Container for JavaScript regular expressions and regex functions.

atropa-repl-autoload Autoloads a file into the Node REPL on start then passes control to the user.

atropa-server A simple http server for node with autoindexing and lazy module loading.

atropa-string JavaScript utilities for manipulating strings.

atropa-string-pad Pads strings on the right or left with user defined characters or strings.

atropa-toolbox The Glorious AtropaToolbox's JavaScript bits

atropa-url JavaScript utilities for handling urls.

atropa-wtf JavaScript library for rewording bad poetry.

atropa-xpath A JavaScript library providing an Xpath toolkit for manipulating the DOM.

audio-tag-injector Automatically adds html5 audio elements inline beside links to mp3, ogg, and wav files.

clone-function Clones non native JavaScript functions, or references native functions.

cmudict-to-sqlite A utility for parsing the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary into an sqlite database using Node.js. Also included is a helper class for looking up information in the database and manipulating it.

dir-stats-sync Node module to get stats of every item in a directory.

directory-transform A node module for copying directories and running transforms over file contents, file names, and folder names.

html-table-of-contents Generates a table of contents for your HTML document based on the headings present.

html-to-ssml A utility for converting HTML to SSML.

htmltidy-options Configuration options for htmltidy

modulify Generate nodejs modules from plain old javascript

object-merge Merges JavaScript objects recursively without altering the objects merged.

stream-copy-file Node module to copy files like copy /b on windows

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