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attr-brick Lego plugin to bind node properties to a store attribute

attributes Query a database (currently PostgreSQL or Sqlite3) for its schema — columns or attributes — and get their properties, such as name, type and default value in a common format. You can use this for e.g. introspection or preparing your domain models like Rails's Active Record does.

backbone.schema The plugin helps you define schemas for your models. It supports a regular types, arrays, nested or reference models/collections, allows to define a custom data types and computable properties.

dank-map A map function that can map over almost anything.

express-conventional-routing Mixture of conventional and attribute style routing for Express Web framework

get-dataset Get a DOM element's or an SVG Element's dataset. Works where .dataset isn't present such as in < IE11

gl-shader WebGL shader wrapper

glsl-exports Find all uniforms and attributes in a GLSL shader

key-del Delete nested keys from Javascript object, JSON

srcset Parse and stringify the HTML <img> srcset attribute

svg-line Generate SVG paths for a line, d3-style

svg-path-parser A parser for SVG's path syntax

trait Trait is a smart attribute manager. Not traits in ruby, just because good names are already taken and even not used.

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