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anthonyshort-attributes Get the attributes of a DOM node as an object

attributes Query a database (currently PostgreSQL or Sqlite3) for its schema — columns or attributes — and get their properties, such as name, type and default value in a common format. You can use this for e.g. introspection or preparing your domain models like Rails's Active Record does.

atts Attributes module

backbone-attrs ES5 getters/setters for Backbone models

dope HTML5 dataset/attributes module.

ep_sticky_attributes Add support to for attributes to stick on the caret position IE pressing bold button then typing creates bold text or hitting control b then typing creates bold text. Works for underline, italic, bold

extend-geojson-properties Extende properties/attributes of geojson objects from separate dataset of jsons.

fattr function attributes

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

glsl-extract extract uniforms and attributes from glsl programs

jquery-all-attributes jQuery plugin to override proper $.fn.attr method to return all attributes if no arguments provided.

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