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acoustid Get music metadata from AcoustID Web Service

airtunes an AirTunes v2 implementation: stream wirelessly to audio devices.

alert Play Sound Alerts

allen Utilities for the Web Audio API

alsa ALSA bindings for Node.js

asf-parser streaming ASF audio file metdata parser

audio-buffer-sink A web audio sink node that writes received data to an AudioBuffer

audio-buffer-utils Utility functions for working with Web Audio API Buffers

audio-chunks slice/append/insert/subset/copy operations on AudioBuffer linked-list chunks

audio-component Sexy audio player (requires audio tag support)

audio-context A WebAudio Context singleton

audio-meddle Route Web Audio API audio nodes through schedulable chains of processor nodes.

audio-metadata Extract metadata from audio files

audio-notes Note frequencies for equal-tempered scale

audio-param-transform Apply multiple transforms with custom functions to Web Audio API AudioParams.

audio-recorder An extensible audio recorder.

audio-recorder-phonegap Phonegap audio recorder plugin.

audio-recorder-rtc WebRTC audio recorder plugin.

audio-recorder-wami Wami audio recorder plugin.

audio-streamer Streams audio data as binary data via binaryjs connection

audio-tag-injector Automatically adds html5 audio elements inline beside links to mp3, ogg, and wav files.

audio2video Streaming audio to video converter

audio5 HTML5 Audio Compatibility Layer

audiobuffer An implementation of Web Audio API's AudioBuffer for node.js and the browser.

audiocontext Web Audio API AudioContext shim

audiosprite Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats.

audiospritler Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats for use with Howler.js.

audiostream Stream and transcode your music library

baudio generate audio streams with functions

baudio-party javascript music party http server

bitcrusher Bitcrush effect for the web audio API

build-mood Monitor and signal the current build state using sounds

cubeb This is a node.js native binding module to the cross-platform audio library [cubeb](

custom-audio-node Create your own AudioNodes with AudioParams for using with the Web Audio API.

detect-pitch Detects the pitch of an audio snippet

ear-pipe Pipe audio streams to your ears.

ep_rtc Video and audio chat without plugins powered by WebRTC -- Works in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome Frame

flac-parser small streaming parser for flac audio files

fpcalc Calculate AcoustID audio fingerprint

frame-hop Frame slicing for windowed signal processing

freesound Node.js module to connect to the Freesound API

frequencies returns a static object of arrays of musical frequenices

html5media html5media enables <video> and <audio> tags in all major browsers

id3_reader Reads and Writes ID3 tags for audio files using Javascript

id3v1-parser Simple ID3 version 1 streaming parser

id3v2-parser ID3v2 audio tag streaming parser

itunes-library-stream Streaming parser for the contents of iTunes Library XML files

jdelay a delay function for DPS / audio

jmod audio / dsp enveloping with some added features

jsynth write audio with javascript functions in the browser

jsynth-waveform draws waveforms to canvas

karma-mp3-reporter A Karma reporter plugin. Reports overall results by playing mp3 file.

komponist A simple, yet flexible, client for MPD, the hackable headless audio playback server.

loopscript Makefiles for sound!

m3u8parse Structural parsing of Apple HTTP Live Streaming .m3u8 format

macaudio The interface is an AudioUnit(Mac) which can generate audio directly using JavaScript.

media HTML5 Media Player

mediainfo Wrapper around the `mediainfo' program for obtaining information about media files

mespeak Text to speech synthesizer

metamusic Get related information for specified music track.

microphone microphone is a simple module that use `arecord` ALSA tools method to capture sound from a USB Microphone

midimal Minimal MIDI File Writing Library

mimovie Wrapper around the `mediainfo' for obtaining information about movie and video files

mp4-parser Streaming mp4 metadata parser

multirtc MultiRTC is an all-in-one demo application using RTCMultiConnection.js library. MultiRTC supports: 1. Multi-File sharing among multiple users! 2. Multi-screen sharing among multiple users; in multi-directions! 3. Audio and/or Video among multiple users; i

music2sql Module for reading metadata from audio files and storing it into a SQL database

muxamp An playlist service for YouTube and SoundCloud streaming media

ncoder Simple node wrapper for ffmpeg.

ng-audio AngularJS audio control directive.

nicercast simple icecast compliant streaming server

node-buzz An npm-installable version of the buzz HTML 5 audio library

node-core-audio Core native node.js audio functionality, including sound card access and audio streaming

node-deezer Unofficial Node.js wrapper for the Deezer API

node-dtmfin DTMF tone detection with node via portaudio and libdtmf

node-pico Pico.js is a JavaScript library for real-time audio processing that runs a browser and node.js.

node-qt Qt bindings for Node.js

node-speak TTS (Text to Speech) for Node and Browser

node-transloadit Node.js client for Transloadit API

node-vst-host VST host for processing audio

node-webrtc non-browser real-time communication endpoint, interoperable with webrtc enabled browsers.

nplay A terminal MP3 player for all platforms - frontend for mplayer / afplay

nvelope enveloping for audio and time domain DSP

osx-system-sounds Play system sounds on OSX.

overlap-add Additive synthesis of signals

pbsaudiosprite Concat small audio files into single file and export in HowlerJS format.

pcm-boilerplate boilerplate for converting PCM byte data to arrays of JavaScript numbers

pcm-utils PCM audio utilities for Node.js

pcmjs Wraps raw PCM byte array into playable wav container for both the browser and node.

phase-unwrap Phase unwrapping for ndarrays

pitch-shift Variable rate controllable audio pitch shifter

play-audio HTML5 Audio Player

plays HTML5 audio and video feature detects

port Spawn Pd (Pure Data) and communicate through TCP sockets

portaudio Node bindings for PortAudio

positional-audio Audio nodes packaged up for contructing spatial audio environments

primo-audio Sound engine for the primojs suite

purr Make your application purr. Add audio when functions and properties get called.

resampler PCM audio sample rate conversion for Node.js

restreamer Standalone server to re-encode live media streams into other output formats

robotaudio-knob UI Knob for web audio applications

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