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simple-audio Small Module to play audio using HTML audio tag

sink.js A callback based raw audio API.

sloop loop over buffer slices

smorgasbord smorgasbord ===========

song Sing songs with festival

songlocator-api SongLocator resolvers exposed as WebSocket API

songlocator-backbone SongLocator data models for Backbone

songlocator-base SongLocator base module

songlocator-cli SongLocator command line utilities

songlocator-deezer SongLocator resovler for Deezer

songlocator-exfm SongLocator resovler for exfm

songlocator-rdio SongLocator resovler for rdio

songlocator-soundcloud SongLocator resovler for SoundCloud

songlocator-spotify SongLocator resovler for Spotify

songlocator-youtube SongLocator resovler for YouTube

soundbank-inherit Inherit descriptor from target audio slot and override specified attributes.

soundbank-overdrive A simple audio distortion effect based on wave shaping with automatable filter and gain controls.

soundbank-sample Sample player AudioNode source extended with automatable transpose, tuning and amp.

soundbank-scale Use with soundbank-inherit to distribute a series of audio-slots across a musical scale.

soundbank-slice Use with soundbank-inherit to slice an audio sample across the desired amount of audio-slots.

soundbite Soundbite.js ============

soundcloud-resolve Takes a SoundCloud URL and retrieves the relevant JSON data for that resource from the SoundCloud API

soundfontjs dsaad

soundscrape SoundCloud command line downloader

soundsprite Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats.

sox node.js interface to the sox audio utility

speaker Output PCM audio data to the speakers

stft Short time Fourier transform

streammachine Flexible live streaming for broadcast audio.

sux A wrapper around sox

t-dex draws a timeline with arbitrary intervals to html canvas

tadaa Monitor stuff via the medium of sound.

tadaa-elb Monitor AWS Elastic Load Balancers via the medium of sound

tadaa-example Example plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

tadaa-go A [Tadaa]( plugin for [Go]( continuous delivery servers.

tadaa-pivotaltracker Pivotal Tracker plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

tadaa-runner Monitor stuff via the medium of sound.

tadaa-zendesk Zendesk plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

test_wavs Test audio files for use as a submodule in audio-related projects.

thumbbot Thumbnails from video, images, web pages and even audio.

tio console player

tonegenerator Generates a tone as raw PCM WAV data, so you can do operations on it

transcoding Media transcoding and streaming support

tune Tune up baudio

tunes HTML5 audio and video playlists

uupaa.audiospec.js Audio Spec.

voxel-audio Use positional audio in your voxel.js game

waaclock A comprehensive event scheduling tool for Web Audio API.

watson-js Watson.js: Simple Node.js API Wrapper for the AT&T Speech API

wave-reader WAVE audio stream reader

waveform-data Audio Waveform Data Manipulation API – resample, offset and segment waveform data in JavaScript.

waver A simple and lightning fast library for reading wave-pcm audio files

web-audio-analyser A thin wrapper around the Web Audio API that takes an <audio> element and gives you its waveform/frequency data in return.

web-audio-api Node.js implementation of Web audio API

webaudio write audio streams with javascript functions in the browser

whoa Command line youtube music queue.

youtube-audio-stream youtube-audio-stream

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