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alimama-auto-login Login Alimama with Javascript

anime-subscriber add your subscribed anime to xunlei-cloud automatically

auto Asynchronous task runner for Node.js

auto_npm Automatically update NPM packages and Git tags

auto-invoicer My first node module. Automatic invoice creator via json object.

auto-qunit Automatically run QUnit tests in browser under NodeJS control

auto-updater Automatically updates your client version when is outdated by the repository

auto-watch Utilities for auto watching file trees in node.js.

autocast Easily and automatically cast common datatypes in JavaScript

autoless Another .less files watcher, but this time with growl notifications

autopia Automated Node require.

awpp auto web page publish

cloyster Git deploy cluster based on ploy and node-discover

commander-tabtab Tab/Auto Completion for Commander.js CLIs

completion Completion library for words, commands, and sentences

dev_mod create code by auto

express-route-loader Loads expressjs routes from a specified folder

express-way Express auto routing and jade precompiling

fluent-async Fluent interface to Async Auto from Caolan

fnflow Pronounced "effin' flow" because it's so badass, fnFlow is a Javascript control flow library heavily influenced by Caolan McMahon's async that encourages a proper functional design pattern.

freeflow Similar to, but offers partial calculation and different interface.

grunt-auto-config Automatically load all grunt task's config

grunt-auto-package Creates packages following a structure of folders and with a minimal configuration

grunt-imgcompress Batch Minify PNG and JPEG images, Ideas come from [grunt-contrib-imagemin](

imgcompress Batch Minify PNG and JPEG images, Ideas come from [grunt-contrib-imagemin](

kocoflow a simple flow control library

littlehook A lan-wide EventEmitter2 implementation supporting complete decentralization, auto-discovery and request-response emulation.

magical-textarea magically resizes a textarea to match user input

maxminded Auto updating maxmind GeoIP lookup for free and paid maxmind accounts and optional cloudflare fallback

modular Automatically turn a directory of files into an exported node module structure.

mongoose-auto-increment This plugin allows you to auto-increment any field on any mongoose schema that you wish.

multi-cluster Create robust node.js applications with automatic forking of multiple processes and multiple apps, signal handling and reforking. All in a couple of lines and without changing your existing code!

npm-helper A Node.JS module, It allow to automatically install modules for Node.js from your application

npm-util A Node.JS module, provides an object oriented wrapper util for the NPM API. It allow to automatically install modules for Node.js

riak-bot riak node configuration, discovery & auto clustering

routey Simple automatic route setup for NodeJS

run-auto Determine the best order for running async functions, and run them

scrunch auto-updating js combiner for speedy delivery of modular code with node.js

svh Simple (file) server for html-javascript web client app development

temcom Simple template compiler to compress html string into a variable

throwandtell ThrowAndTell Error Reporter Client for Node.js

twitter-autofollow-bot Twitter auto-follow bot written in Node.js

vast-tools a develop tools for web sync files

watch-applescript A simple applescript web-page reloader.

web-auto-build this is a web-auto-build for web project

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