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algoliasearch Algolia Search API Client

autocomplete An in-memory autocomplete package based on the trie data structure

autocompletejs An asynchronous autocomplete data store built on top of a trie.

backbone-autocomplete Backbone Autocomplete view made with browserified projects in mind

backbone.typeahead Backbone collection typeahead search with facet

cli A tool for rapidly building command line apps

command-parser The best command parser.

dawn.js dawn.js, bring intelligence to coding

meteor-typeahead Autocomplete package for meteor powered by twitter typeahead.js

normalize-for-search Un-accents and un-umlauts characters in a string. Also preliminary converts the string to lower case. We use it for autocomplete: both for the matched strings -- on the server side, when indexing; and for the strings the user types into a text input in the browser.

path-complete tab path completion for stdin

patricia-tree Patricia (or Radix) tree with autocomplete support

prefix-completer Simple redis-backed library for managing and querying an autocomplete dictionary.

rautc Autocomplete strategy with Redis

redis-autocompleter A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-completer A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

rediscomplete A fully CRUD redis autocomplete engine inspired from the antirez and patshaughnessy blogs.

rtrie Trie based search for autocompletes with Redis.

sifter A library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Designed specifically for autocomplete.

superinput Tokenized input with autocomplete support

triecomplete An in-memory node.js autocomplete package based on the trie data structure, based off the autocomplete module

triejs Customizable trie data structure built in JavaScript.

tritium An implementation of a ternary search tree.

typeahead.js fast and fully-featured autocomplete library

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